Saturday, June 1, 2013


Alicia Clifton is some kind of awesome... The Junkies saw her win Miss OK in Tulsa back in 2012 and knew she'd be a force at Miss America!  A preliminary talent award win and a 2nd runner up finish at Miss America proved us to be correct!

In fact, Alicia won her preliminary talent award against some super strong competition - it might've been one of the toughest Prelim Groups at Miss America in recent history!  If you go back and count, you'll see 7 of the Top 15 came from Alicia's prelim group (WOW)!  A junior at the University of Oklahoma, Alicia was Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen in 2008 before earning the Miss OK title on her third attempt.  

In our humble Junkie opinion, Oklahoma might be the toughest state to win these days... the previous 3 Miss OK winners have finished as the 4th runner up, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up.  AND - with 6 Miss Americas under their belt so far, OK would LOVE to have another and take the lead for the most MA's from one state (CA and OH both have 6 total Miss Americas as well). We wouldn't be surprised if Miss OK gets another Miss America within the next 3 years (if not sooner!).  Hence the reason why we referred to them as "The Yankees" of pageants in our post last year - click here to read it for yourself! :)
Now!  On to the competitors!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

- Sarah Klein = 4th runner up in 12, Top 10 in 11, strong pianist and has 'the OK look' in our book
- Georgia Frazier = Miss OK Outstanding Teen 09, super pretty
- Veronica Wisniewski = 2nd runner up in 12, prelim talent and swimsuit winner in 12
- Alex Eppler = 4th runner up in 10 and 11, semi-finalist in 12
- Kelsey Griswold = 1st runner up to Alicia at OK Oustanding Teen in '08, "Talent Day" winner (which is a big deal in OK)
- Aly Akers = Baton Twirler, prelim talent winner & SF in 12

We honestly could go on and on... there are TONS of girls who could win state titles across the country who are all trying to be Miss Oklahoma.  And if you check out this link, you'll likely see a picture of Miss Oklahoma 2014, 2015 and 2016 in this group!  Finally, if you ever get the chance to see a state pageant outside of your own state, go to Tulsa and watch Miss OK.  You won't be sorry. :)

Good Luck Ladies!!!


1st Runner up = Alex Eppler
2nd Runner up = Georgia Fraizer
3rd Runner up = Sarah Klein
4th Runner up = Tawnie Goodwin


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