Sunday, June 9, 2013


I have a feeling, if Siri Freeh were the actual brains behind the 'Siri' on my I-Phone... I wouldn't have so much trouble trying to find what i want from my phone!  The Siri known as Miss Minnesota 2012 is a super-smarty pants, STEM advocate, and very easy to talk to (unlike my phone).  

Siri was another contestant who battled a cold during Miss America week, but pressed on to 'be a light' in whatever way she could.  A 4.0 Nursing Student at the University of Minnesota, we know this future 'cardiovascular queen' will continue to shine regardless of her location. :)

The Junkies wish we could be at the "Crowns and Gowns Gala" taking place during Miss Minnesota week... Siri alongside Gretchen Carlson (Miss America 1989), Dorothy Benham (Miss America 1977) and BeBe Shopp (Miss America 1948 - Celebrating her 65th Anniversary!!!) will all be a part of a fabulous evening designed to raise funds for the Miss Minnesota scholarship program.  We can't wait to see pictures of the whole evening!!!

And now - Here's our thoughts on this year's Miss Minn Pageant :)

 Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

- Rebecca Yeh - 1st Runner Up in '12, her first time at Miss MN
- Lauren Johnson - 3rd Runner Up in '10, 1st Runner Up in '11
- Samantha Phillipi - 2nd Runner Up in '10, '11 and '12

There are certainly several other girls who should do very well, but when it comes to the crown, we see this as a Dead-Even Sprint between these 3 ladies!  Will be amazing see who comes out on top! :)


1st Runner Up = Savannah Cole
2nd Runner Up = Samantha Phillipi
3rd Runner Up = Emily Kallis
4th Runner Up = Lauren Johnson


  1. I couldn't agree more with your who to watch choices! I honestly keep going through my head to try and have a prediction but honestly anyone of those 3 ladies could win! I will go with my gut and say Samantha will win miss Minnesota, 1 runner up Rebecca, and 2nd runner up to Lauren. 3rd runner up to Heather Erickson and 4th runner up Paige Meyer.

  2. You're such a fabulous Junkie, Tabitha! So glad to have you - we can't wait to see who wins this one, either! :) Junkies Unite!!!