Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In our opinion, Miss Georgia Leighton Jordan had the 'Best Blog' out of all the state winners... She gave us a real peek not only into 'A Day in the Life of Miss GA"... but was often much more honest and raw than what we expect to see from Miss State winners.  It's refreshing to see someone so genuine.  Our favorite was Leighton's most recent post re-capping her 'best and worst' as Miss Georgia, including "Most Embarrassing Moment," "Best Advice Given," "Favorite Appearance" and "Easiest Moment of the Year" to name just a few!  Check out her whole list, by clicking this link here...

Before we get to The Junkies' picks, let me just say, I think we have more Georgia Supporters on the Junkies Facebook Fan Page than any other state!!!  We can't wait to watch the Miss Georgia Pageant in person one day and hopefully meet as many of you as possible!  Thanks for your positive encouragement and incredible support of MAJ - it's a privilege to have you!!! :)

And now - The Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch in '13

Lauren Edmonds - GA OT 06, 3rd Runner up '12, 1st Runner up to Chasity Hardman in '08 when she was 19, 3rd runner up in '12
Maggie Bridges - 2nd runner up GA OT '09, 1st runner up GA OT '10
Courtney Walker -Top 10 '12, Swimsuit Prelim
Carly Mathis - 1st Runner up '12, overall Talent Winner '12
Jenna Jackson - 2nd yr law student, belly dancer
Reedi Hawkins -Talent Prelim '12, GA OT competitor
Katherine McCauley - Top 10 in '12, sister to Miss GA '10, Christina McCauley

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