Sunday, June 16, 2013


There will always be a special place for Miss North Carolina in The Junkies' hearts... That's because The Junkies were welcomed with open arms by the Miss North Carolina organization last year during their 75th Anniversary and became fast friends!

We loved getting to know those who are the 'true heartbeat' of Miss NC - and were super impressed with everyone involved!  It's amazing how quickly you can bond with people who think the contestants deserve nothing but the best... and we know the Miss North Carolina organization is in great hands!

We also know how much we adore Arlie Honeycutt!  As a Preliminary Talent winner and a 'genuinely shocked' state winner, we so enjoyed watching Arlie 'grow' into a wonderful queen.  It was also our pleasure to watch her walk away with a Non-Finalist Talent award at Miss America - very deserving, indeed!  In fact, if you've never met Arlie, it's easy to describe her as 'sweet'.  She exudes pure 'sweetness' the moment you meet her.  No doubt, Miss North Carolina 2013 has big shoes to fill!

Speaking of - here's Arlie and her court in 2012...

The 1st Runner up in Pink was just crowned Miss DC 2013 (Bindhu Pamarthi)... The 2nd & 4th runners up are both back... AND - there are VIDEOS of each contestant when you click this link here... We LOVE videos!  It's a great way to get a real feel for each contestant!

And Now - The Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

- Jessie Smith - 2nd runner up in '12, talent and swimsuit winner
- Mya Kayler - 4th runner up in '12, 1st runner up in SC '11, NC OT in '08
- Blair Mozingo - Top 10 in '12
- Hannah Webb - Has toured in a musical group with her family for years - beautiful girl
- Jocelyn Hunt - 2nd Runner up NC Teen USA '07
- BrieAnna Hester - NC OT '07, Swimsuit Winner in '12
- Johna Edmond - Top 10 '12, 2nd Runner up NC OT




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