Tuesday, June 4, 2013


You don't get much more beautiful than this photo of Sloane Lewis...

As a first timer at Miss Kansas, Sloane took home the preliminary talent, swimsuit and interview awards before walking away with the title.  However, Sloane experienced more than a few set-backs when it came to the competition in Vegas.  In an article featured in the University Daily Kansan shortly after the Miss America competition, it states:

        "During the week of the pageant, on top of being nervous for the preliminary interview, she was battling the flu the day before. Lewis also said her swimsuit broke and her evening gown was too big, forcing her to switch into a gown that she had no experience wearing. Despite these setbacks, she said she was still excited to be a part of the Miss America experience."

And to think - that photo above was taken when the girl has the flu!  That's not exactly how I look when I'm, shall we say, 'under the weather'.  Guess it just goes to prove that somethings aren't meant to be.

What is 'meant to be' is Sloane Lewis achieving great things in her life to come.  Junkies say watch out for this girl - she's got drive, grit and the will to succeed at whatever she chooses to do!

Now - Kansas has an interesting group of girls competing this year... Several girls from last year's class either aged out or aren't returning... 

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Hannah Langley - 2nd runner up in 12 - the only returning member of the Top 5 in '12
Chelsea Chilicott - Top 10 in '12, Ventriloquist, KS OT in '09
Meagan Johnson - 3rd runner up Miss KS Teen NAM
Ashley Ulmer -The girl has a rock solid body - she's a boxing instructor!
Theresa Vail - former USA and Teen USA competitor, 1st time at Miss KS

All the Best to the Lovely Ladies in the Sunflower State!!!


1st Runner up = Ashley Ulmer
2nd Runner up = Alyssa Marsh
3rd Runner up = Danielle Hill
4th Runner up = Hannah Langley

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