Saturday, June 8, 2013


Allyn Rose's Mom Judith, was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 27.  By the time Judith was 50 and Allyn was 16, Judith was gone - having lost her battle against the disease.

Allyn's Dad confronted her when she was a freshman in college, telling her she should seriously consider getting a double mastectomy.  I can't imagine being a college freshman and having to think about removing both of my breasts... But then again, I can't imagine losing my own mother at the age of 16 either.

Within the last year, Allyn decided that she would have a double mastectomy to be pro-active against the disease that killed her mother, grandmother and her aunt.  Actress Angelina Jolie recently made the same decision as well - citing the fact that her children 'won't have to fear they will lose me to breast cancer'. 

For the record, I hope nobody reading this blog is EVER faced with making this kind of decision... For Allyn, we wish her nothing but the best in the face of such difficult choices for someone so young.

And now!  On to this year's competition - which looks to be a doozey!!!

Let's start with the Number 4... 
Four, happens to be the number of contestants who are competing for the title of Miss DC - and have previously finished as the 1st runner up at a state pageant before!  Including:

- Jachele Velez - 1st runner up at Miss DC '12 Top 10 and Interview winner at Miss Sweetheart
- Bhindu Paramanthi - 1st runner up at Miss NC '12; law student now at Georgetown
- Ryann Richardson - 1st Runner up in MD when she was 17 and 1st Runner Up in PA in '10
- Jill Duckworth -  1st Runner Up in MS in '10 and named one of "The Hill's Most Beautiful People" in DC

Others to watch include:
- Brooke Rowland - Miss MI OT '10, Top Ten Finish
- Tara Ward - 3rd Runner UP Miss DC USA '10

Can't wait to see who walks away with the crown and the title from our Nation's Capitol!!!  Good Luck to All!!! :)

1st Runner up = Jachele Velez
2nd Runner up = Ryann Richardson
3rd Runner up = Sara Zou
4th Runner up = MonaLesa Brackett


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