Monday, June 24, 2013


Miss Illinois Megan Ervin is from one of those towns where everyone knows your name... and the kind of pizza you like... From the Rockford Register Star...

      Ervin, the reigning Miss Illinois, has without any great fanfare become one of Rushville’s quiet treasures in her own effervescent way.
      Sue Sheppard is a waitress at Pizza Unlimited...
      “Oh yes ... I know Megan and her family,” she said. “They like sausage and pepperoni on their pizza, and they love our Chicago-style stuffed pizza. It’s better than you can get in Chicago.”
Yes - Megan is from a town of less 3200 people (which might seem like a 'big city' depending on what state you're from).  But consider this... Since 1975, only 10 girls have been crowned Miss Illinois that DIDN'T come from the immediate or greater Chicago area!  ONLY 10!!!  Megan's 'girl next door' demeanor is most certainly what made her shine at Miss America... and by 'shine'... we mean, become a Prelim Swimsuit Winner and Top 10 finalist in Vegas. Kudos Megan!!! :)

Now regarding this year's class...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Jennifer Carr - 1st runner up '12, Prelim SS and Evening Gown
Savannah Teegarden - 3rd runner up '12
Kaitlyn Wher - IL OT '10
Marisa Buchhiet - Top 10 '12, strong vocal, vegan
Lasley Rayni -former IL USA competitor
Ariel Fuller - 1st runner up Miss Black IL USA
Brittany Schulz - 2nd Runner up IL OT '09
Audra Ferguson - Top 10 in '12
Jaryn Franklin - Miss MS Crown Winner '12

Whoooooooooo Hooooooooo for MISS ILLINOIS!!!  GOOD LUCK!!! :)


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