Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Rather than The Junkies trying to tell you about the impact Miss Ohio, Elissa McCracken made on people via her platform this year, we thought we'd let someone else do the talking.  This segment is from a blogpost dated December 3rd, 2012 on SMMSGuidance.blogspot.com:

       "Elissa came to our school, St. Mary’s Middle School, and spoke to the girls about her motto “Stop, Block, and Tell.” The girls just soaked it up! They realized there would be less drama if they did those three simple things in response to cyberbullying. Along with speaking, Elissa signed over 250 pictures for each girl to own so if they were victimized by cyberbullying they would know that she had experienced it herself. The photo was a reminder that Elissa “beat the bullies,” and would, at least figuratively, stand by their side. If she could do it, she had told the girls, they could to.

      Alot of these things done here at SMMS have transpired and been put into place because Elissa McCracken decided not to be brought down by cyberbullying.  My girls are still creating posters and decorating the hallways with Elissa’s positive message. They are leaving inspiring sticky notes on other student’s lockers. A change of character is beginning to show in these young girls’ lives and within our school’s culture.  All of this, because a young woman had a devastating experience and turned it into an inspiring challenge and ray of hope for others."

I do believe that's what we call, "Making an Impact" :)  Who will get the chance to do the same as Miss Ohio 2013?

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Alyssa Brumbaugh - 1st runner up '12, 1st runner up '11
Mahogany Flemming - 4th runner up 12, Prelim Talent
Meggie Wittman - 3rd runner up, Prelim Swimsuit '11, Top 10 '10, 1st Runner up OH Jr. Miss '07
Heather Wells - Top 10 in '12, Prelim Swimsuit
Cayla Hellwarth - non-finalist talent '10, Top 10 '12
Mackenzie Bart - current "Miss Clayland" - the local that's won 3 out of the last 5 Miss Ohio's
Kara Mitchell - One of only a few 'open' lesbians competing at the state level this year
Kelsey Barrett - Strong Talent, Miss Ohio OT '11, Top 15 at MAOT



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