Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Rosie Savegeau is one of those people who could've been 'just fine' with or without her state crown.  The Junkies heard Rosie sing her preliminary talent winning "To Make You Feel My Love" in Las Vegas and let's just say, Bob Dylan never sounded so good!!!  We were amazed at how everyone in the room silently fell under Rosie's spell as she sang and played the piano with clarity and perfection.  She's a gifted musician and we know she'll always be a solid, strong woman.

Rosie's Preliminary Talent win was the first since Karen Kopseng won Prelim Talent as Miss ND way back in 1964!  And - speaking of '64, we have to make note of the fact that Rosie wore Vintage Valentino for her Miss America interview outfit - and we love it (see photo)!  Her Facebook page proudly states, "Who says secondhand isn't in style?"  We say, what kind of crazy karma must you have to stumble on to a Valentino dress in the middle of Savers? LOL!  Fabulous!

And now - it's time to take a peek at Miss ND 2013!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch
Here's our picks:
- Becca Lebak = 1st runner up in '12, ND OT in '09
- Megan McDougall = 2nd runner up in '12
- Laura Harmon = 3rd runner up in '12 and prelim swimsuit winner,  2nd runner up in '11

Good Luck Ladies!  Junkies Love North Dakota!!! :)


1st Runner up = Megan McDougall
2nd Runner up = Jacky Arness
3rd Runner up = Cara Mund
4th Runner up = Becca Lebak

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