Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Alexis Wineman had to be one of the best stories at Miss America this year.  Not only was she the youngest contestant at Miss America last year, and the first contestant at Miss America ever to have Autism, but she was also voted into the semi-finals as "America's Choice:

And this girl did all kinds of press interviews regarding her diagnosis and her chances at Miss America... Even getting a spread in Glamour Magazine with the title, "Meet the Most Popular Girl in America".  C'mon... How many of us would squeal just thinking about an article with that kind of headline if it were about you (or me!)
But through it all, Alexis remained humble and focused on her role as a spokesperson for autism.  One of our favorite quotes from Alexis says, "I have this amazing opportunity to show the world that autism is not a death sentence, but a life adventure.  Autism doesn't define me. I define it."

And Now... Regarding Miss Montana 2013...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Chantell Bury - Miss MT OT 07, Miss MT 3rd Runner Up '09, 2nd Runner Up '11
Olivia Dowler - Miss MT USA 2nd runner up '11
Sheridan Pope - 1st Runner up to Miss MT OT '09, Miss MT USA 4th Runner up '10
Courtney Bury - 3rd runner up '11

PS - Cortney and Chantell are sisters who formed a band!  They both sing; Cortney plays the Guitar and Chantell plays the drums (Unfortunately, we have no clue what they'll be performing for their talents)

Good Luck to everyone in Big Sky Country!!!


1st Runner Up = Tori Zander
2nd Runner Up = Olivia Dowler
3rd Runner Up = Chantel Bury
4th Runner Up = Katherine Sizemore

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