Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Most of us saw Miss Colorado Hannah Porter talk about joining the high school football team during her People's Choice video for Miss America... But do you know how it happened?  From ""...

          "Porter, who couldn’t join the pom-pom team because it was only open to sophomores and up, leisurely strolled the student organization meeting with her father, looking for some sort of activity that appealed to her.
         “I never really was a sports person,” said the self-described “girly girl.” “But as my father and I walked past the freshman football booth, he laughed and said, ‘I’d pay money to see you play football.’
          Porter asked, “How much?”

          Her father never really responded with a firm figure, but she signed up on the spot.
          “I had never played football before, but I went though summer camp, completed all the running drills and didn’t miss practice,” explained Porter who was one of only two girls on the 2002 AHS freshman team. “I never was a starter, but I played in every game, we were undefeated and I stuck with it.”

Just like she 'stuck with' Miss CO after being named 1st runner up twice in a row... And we're glad she did!

This year, Miss CO has an interesting mix of contestants... 

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Stacey Cook - 1st runner up '12, 2rd runner up '11
Kaylah Braun - Top 10, '12, 4th runner up '10
Miranda Mason - 4th runner up '12
Meg Kardos - Top 10 '12, Top 10 at CO USA '13
Michaela Jones - Ms. CO Miss American Co-Ed, CO USA competitor
Kristin Schubert - CO Cinderella Tee '09, Top 10 Nationals
Shannon Patilla - Miss Black History '12 at CSU, strong talent

Good Luck to Everyone at Miss Colorado!!!


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