Monday, June 10, 2013


Angela Venditti is one of the few queens who won her state pageant last year, but wasn't on our 'watch list' (which goes to prove, you can 'take it or leave it' when it comes to our opinions - that's all they are... opinions!)... But the 3rd time proved to be the charm for Angela as Miss Michigan 2012...

And despite the fact she wasn't on our original list, she 'wowed' us like crazy when we saw her on stage with one of our beloved Mis Americas... Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (see left)!  Kaye Lani was in Vegas celebrating her 25th Anniversary as Miss America (how is that possible???) and looked crazy-fabulous herself in her "Silver Anniversary' gown!  If all our Miss Americas could look this way or better 25 years post-crowning, what a testament that would be!
This year's Miss Michigan is CRAZY STACKED with returnees and girls who could take it all... Trust us, researching Miss MI took much longer than most other states - We wanna get this one right this year :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:
- Mallory Rivard - 3rd runner up Miss Michigan Teen USA '12
- Emily Kieliszewski - 2nd Runner Up '11
- Shelby Gardiner - 1st Runner Up '12
- Sarah Suydam - 3rd Runner Up '12, Prelim Talent
- Mekeisha Alcock - 4th Runner Up '11, drum player
- Hayley Williams - Miss MI OT 2009, MI Jr. Miss (Young Woman of the Yr) '11, baton
- Lauren Brown - Super pretty girl, comes from a strong local, Top 10 in '12

GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!  All the Best!!! :)


1st Runner Up = KT Maviglia
2nd Runner Up = Mekeisha Alcock
3rd Runner Up = Sarah Suydam
4th Runner Up = Lauren Brown


  1. Lauren Brown was top 10 last year at Miss Michigan as Miss Washtenaw County.

  2. Alexa Allor is not returning this year, love your sweet comments about Michigan :)

  3. Thanks for keeping us honest, Ladies!!! Glad to have you as Fellow Junkies!!! :)

  4. Can not wait to watch this year!

    What about Marissa Cowans, Miss Michigan outstanding teen 2011, and 1st runner-up to Miss America's Outstanding teen? :)