Sunday, June 2, 2013


Big props to the girl with the best name at Miss America... Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary!

We loved Mariah's genuine reaction each time her name was called to the next level - it was pure 'shock and awe' every time she advanced!  The Junkies were sitting next to the group from Iowa in Vegas - and it was SO MUCH FUN to hear them nearly have a heart attack each time she moved forward as well! :)

As one of 3 tappers in the top 5, Mariah's routine was one that showcased her strength and power!  The Junkies also saw Mariah's routine during the prelims and think she might've left out a jump or 2 on Saturday night when her tap shoe broke right before being announced.  Trust us - the girl has the goods and deserved every bit of her 4th runner up finish.

Regarding Miss Iowa 2013, you never need to look at how many contestants there are in Iowa, because they're almost ALWAYS Quality over Quantity.  We're convinced this year is no different!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Here's our picks:
- Taylor Wiebers = 2nd runner up in '12 (and she has a sassy new haircut!)
- Isabella Blaine = the current Miss Muscatine (same local title as Mariah Cary '12 and Jessica Pray '11... could it be 3 in a row?)
- Abby Curtis = 4th runner up in 12
- Katie Cole = Miss Iowa Teen  07 (National American Co-ed)

Junkies Love Iowa!!!  Good Luck Ladies!!! :)


1st Runner up = Isabella Blaine
2nd Runner up = Katie Cole
3rd Runner up = Taylor Wiebers
4th Runner up = Jessica Baker


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