Thursday, June 27, 2013


Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt had the 'perfect attitude' when competing for the Miss KY title last summer... From the Ashland Independent Online:

      “They chose a top five and then called off the winners and I couldn’t believe it!” Casebolt said. “This was my second year competing in Miss Kentucky... I knew I’d worked so hard and prepared, but to be honest, I didn’t expect to win. I was ecstatic.”    

It's that 'relaxed but prepared' attitude that causes girls to 'sparkle'.  There's no pressure, no expectation, no need to get so worked up about life.  If you're still headed into your state title, do yourself a favor; prepare like crazy and then 'let go' while your on stage during pageant week.

This year at Miss Kentucky - it could be anyone's crown to win... Should be a great pageant - because look at this list of returning contestants!!!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Melissa Cox - non-finalist talent in '12, Sister of Miss IN '12 Merriebeth Cox
Madison McCowan - KY OT '09
Jenna Day - 1st runner up '11 Prelim Talent, semi-finalist '12
Annie Franklin - Prelim SS and 3rd runner up '12, Top 13 in '11
Laura Jones - KY OT '10 and Top 10 at MAOT, non-finalist talent '12
Ashley Ferry - 4th runner up '11 and '12, KY OT '08
Miranda Buchanan - Miss KY Festival Grand Supreme

And - ALL of these ladies were semi-finalists in '12
Ashton Gooch
Ramsey Carpente
Alison Lovely
Claire Butler
Courtney Norvell



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