Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Debbe Ebben gained national attention when folks learned the new Miss Alaska had shaved her head!  Debbe gave interview after interview to numerous newspapers across the county; running the gamut between The Huffington Post and John Stossel!  We especially liked this quote we found in The Press-Telegram in Long Beach, CA:
          "I wanted to put meaning and emotion behind (shaving my head), and let people know why I'm doing it - for the kids," she said. "I'm not shaving it to get attention. I'm not shaving it for publicity. I'm not shaving it because it's a really easy hairstyle to go with. I'm shaving it for them."

Because of her dedication to her platform, we know Debbe will continue to make an impact on children struggling with Cancer... with or without her hair. :)

And now - Let's talk about Miss Alaska 2013!  We're not super confident about our picks here... Not a whole lot of online research to work with, but we're doing the best we can for the ladies of The Last Frontier!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch: 

Veronica Temple - 3rd runner up '11, Miss AK OT '09, Miss AK Teen USA '12
Sarah Cvancara - Won 1st local of the year, lovely voice
Lillian Crayton - Won the same local as Debbe Ebben
Michelle Taylor - Super tall - she stands out!

Looking forward to our new Miss Alaska!  All the Best, Ladies!!! :)


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