Sunday, June 23, 2013


Miss California, Leah Cecil made a serious impression on the people who matter most... the contestants in her own state!  This was written by one of the current Miss CA contestants and posted on the Miss CA forum board...

          Another highlight has been how she has organized the Duke of Edinberg awards. We all had the opportunity to go on high adventure on our own in order to win the awards offered but Leah organized and encouraged all of us to go together WITH HER! She could have stayed home and thought it was beneath her to go camping with the lowly of us contestants. After all, she didn't have to go because she already earned her medals but she slummed with us anyway, no makeup or pageant dress. In fact, she encouraged all of us to remember there were no judges up there so we weren't to bring any curling irons or eyelashes. Just come and have fun she said. It was fun to be with fellow contestants and not feel competitive against each other. We all got to know each other as fun and goofy girls! 

     I could tell more things she has taken the time to inspire in me personally but I think the most touching thing she has done for all of us was that last week she wrote and mailed EACH of us (all 61 of us!) a personal note with a handwritten message and a post encouraging us to do and be our personal best in Fresno and to appreciate the journey rather than how you finish the race. Don't get me wrong! I want her job! But this time around, because of Miss CA 2012 Leah Cecil, I anticipate this experience with greater peace and excitement.

To see the entire tribute to Leah, just click here... it's worth the read!

Now - Who are the front-runners for the crown in 2013?  Let me start by saying - this race is tight!  SOOOO many with experience, great talent, strong interview and of course, beautiful California bodies!  With 61 girls - I think this is the largest state pageant in 2013!!!

Just fyi - One of the ways we chose our list beyond our typical research - is through VIDEOS!!!  Check out this link to the Miss CA You Tube page and watch them for yourself to see if you agree with us!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Crystal Lee - 1st runner up '12, Top 12 in '11, CA OT '08 (Top 10 finish at MAOT)
Caylynn Simonsin - 2nd runner up '12, Top 12 in '11, Top 10 Miss Sweetheart '12
Lauren Smolka - 3rd runner up '12, Prelim SS, Top 12 in '11, Prelim SS again
Marina Inserra - 4th runner up '12 Prelim SS in '10
Morgan Edwards - Top 10 in '12, Prelim SS
Annie Wilson - 4th runner up Miss Georgia '12, Prelim Talent
Carly Valdes - Top 12 in '12
Megan Wisler - Top 10 '11 and '12
Jordan Krinkle - CA OT 0'7
Laura Berger - Top 10 in '12

 And if you thought we were kidding about this being one of the largest pageants this year... take a look at the FOUR DAY PRELIM SCHEDULE below!!!  Miss California is a Marathon - Not a Sprint!  GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!

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