Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miss Sweetheart

Everyone Sing!  

"I belong with you... You belong with me... You're my Sweet - heart..."

First and foremost, The Junkies LOVE Sweetheart!!!  In case you're not familiar with Miss Sweetheart, here's a bit of background.  Near the Indiana/Illinois border, the National Sweetcorn Festival takes place every year in Hoopeston, IL.  It's a "county fair" type of atmosphere filled with tractors, amusement park rides and of course, sweetcorn!  Contestants who finish as the 1st runner up to the winner of their state pageant receive an invitation to attend Miss Sweetheart.  If the 1st runner up has a conflict, the 2nd runner up is invited and so-on down the line.  Ladies across the county, who were within a heartbeat of heading to Miss America (and might still be disappointed in their loss), now get the chance to participate in a mini-version of Miss America in the middle of Hoopeston, IL (population 5300).  LOL - You really have to see it to believe it! :)

Because these girls were oh-so-close to winning their own state title, you can bet the women competing are usually quite polished - and the talent is exquisite.  Miss Sweetheart is truly an unexpected little gem in the middle of acres and acres of crazy corn fields.

Some girls attend just for the experience.  Some girls are still fully engaged in "competition mode" and are serious about proving they could've/should've won their own state title.  Some girls take one look around and realize in order to be 'on par' for Miss America, they're going to have to take it up a notch.  Overall - we've never met anyone who attended Miss Sweetheart, say that she regretted her decision.  Of course, some girls do go back and win their own state title, making Miss Sweetheart a significant part of their journey to the Miss America stage.  But for some girls - Miss Sweetheart is as close as they will ever come to Miss America.  That's why Sweetheart is so special.

Now - Our Miss Contestants have a few "Sweethearts" among them... Here they are...

Miss Arkansas Amy Crain - AR Sweetheart '10 (4th runner up)
Miss Connecticut Kaitlyn Tarpey - CT Sweetheart '12 (prelim SS award)
Miss Georgia Carly Mathis - GA Sweetheart '12
Miss Kentucky Jenna Day - KY Sweetheart '11 (Top 10)
Miss Massachusetts Amanda Narciso - MA Sweetheart '11 (Prelim Talent 2nd runner up)
Miss Nevada Diana Sweeney - NV Sweetheart '12
Miss North Dakota Lara Harmon - ND Sweetheart '11
Miss Virginia Desiree Williams - VA Sweetheart '12 (Prelim SS Sweetheart Winner)
Miss Washington Reina Almon - WA Sweetheart '12
Miss Wyoming Rebecca Podio - WY Sweetheart '12

Since Miss Sweetheart began, there have been 9 ladies who attended Miss Sweetheart that went on to win the Miss America crown = Pam Eldred, Rebecca King, Elizabeth Ward, Debbye Turner, Carolyn Sapp, Leanza Cornett, Tara Holland, Katie Harmon and Caressa Cameron.  And while Miss Sweetheart performance is no guarantee of Miss America performance, there have been plenty of Miss Sweetheart contestants who perform quite well at Miss America (too many to name in this post!).

So - who's attending Miss Sweetheart this year?  Glad you asked!  Take a peek at these 43 girls - because you might just be getting a glimpse of a few Miss Contestants for the title of Miss America 2015! :)

AL - Hayley Barber
AK - Sarah Cvancara
AZ - Katelyn Niemiec
AR - Tracy Neal
CA - Jordan Krinke
CO - Kristin Schubert
CT - Liz Wong
DE - Alix Gardner
DC - Azah Awasum
FL - Janae Deleon
GA - Courtney Walker
HI - Lei Ui Kaholokula
ID - Katelyn Anderson
IL - Savannah Teegarden
IN - Hannah Clingan
KS - Ashley Ulmer
KY - Kiley Shuffett
LA - Julianne Tippen
ME - Marisa Butler
MD - Sam Hawkins
MA - Meagan Fuller
MN - Emily Kallis
MO - Mary Bauer
NE - Megan Dimmitt
NH - Kendall Wipff
NJ - Brenna Weick
NM - Gabby Torres
ND - Meagan McDougall
OH - Cayla Hellwarth
OR - Kayla Gordon
PR - Allison Ortiz
RI - Ivy DePew
SC - Lauren Cabaniss
SD - Morgan Black
TN - Sarah Stokely
TX - Michelle Hanson
UT - Aly Johnson
VT - Nina Merriam
VA - Victoria Maiden
WA - Hannah Faith Price
WV - Ashley McGlaughlin
WI - Madeline Anderson
WY - Mikaela Shaw

(The photograph of each contestant corresponds with the alphabetical order listing from left to right... Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, etc) :)

These ladies arrive at Miss Sweetheart this very weekend - with the final night of Miss Sweetheart on Sunday, September 1st!  ALL THE BEST TO THE MISS SWEETHEART DELEGATES!!! Good Luck Ladies!!! :)


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