Monday, July 8, 2013


Do an impromptu  "google search" on Laura McKeeman & nearly every listing has 3 things: First, she's a sports reporter (most of us knew that). Second, she's dating (now engaged) to a professional baseball player (Wow!)  Finally, she's "Miss Florida" (duh).  Add those 3 things together... and Laura McKeeman seems a little like the Kate Middleton of America!  But dig a little deeper and you'll learn how close she came to having none of it!

First - Laura's friends entered her in her first pageant as a joke (btw - she finished as the 1st runner up)!  In her 3 years at Miss Florida, she won the interview competition every year.  WOW!

Second - She wasn't actually looking to become a sports reporter when she applied for a job at her campus radio station - but that's what they had available, so she took it!  Then, a big-wig at Fox heard her voice and liked it - and offered her a job on the spot (without ever seeing her).  DANG!

Third - Laura's fiancee played shortstop for the Alabama Crimson Tide before being drafted by the Colorado Rockies, where he's now playing 2nd base (he was only supposed to be 'filling in' - but made the most of his opportunity and earned a spot on the team).  Wish we knew how they met... It's like an SEC fairy-tale waiting to be told... (lol).
WE CAN'T WAIT to see everything Laura McKeeman becomes over the next 10 years... She now works for Fox Sports San Diego as their primary sideline reporter and it's just a matter of time before she's a household name.  Not because she married a big-leaguer, but because SHE IS a big-leaguer! :)   

And now - who should you keep an eye on for Miss FL 2013??? Hmmmm....

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Kalen Dennis - 2nd runner up '12, 1st runner up '11, Prelim Talent
Myrrhanda Jones - 4th runner up '11, Prelim SS, FL OT '09 2nd runner up MAOT
Jillian Tapper - 3rd runner up '12
Chloe Lupo - 4th runner up '12, Prelim SS
Janae DeLeon - Top 11 in '12, beautiful voice
Katherine Pena - Miss FL USA '11
Sydney Keister - FL OT '06, Top 10 '08
Victoria Cowen - 1st runner up FL OT '10
Ashley Ramsey - Top 15 '11, Top 10 '12



1st Runner Up = Kalen Dennis
2nd Runner Up = Janae Deleon
3rd Runner Up = Chloe Lupo
4th Runner Up = Sydney Keister

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