Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Junkies "TOP 5" Wrap-Up Post!!! :)

WHEW!!!!  Welcome to the Junkies "Wrap Up Blog"!

When we started this state pageant season back in April, we had NO IDEA how hard it would be to make it to July 21st!  Fifty-Three Blogs about 53 state pageants can take a toll on even the most dedicated of Junkies!  So - we thought we'd compile a few "Fun Facts" about this year's state pageant season, just in case you didn't know...

~ After writing 53 blogposts, how many did you get right?
Although we wrote 53 posts, we technically only created "Here's Who to Watch" lists for 51 states.  Miss Puerto Rico's facebook page had photos of the contestants, but no names listed (tough to make predictions without researching contestant names) - And we listed all 4 names of the 4 contestants at Miss Virgin Islands (not really a fair way to predict a winner when you list everyone who's competing).  So - of the 51 states where we listed potential ladies to watch (50 + Miss DC) we correctly identified 44 winners.  That translates to being correct 86% of the time. #NotTooShabby 

~ So Tell Us... Who did you miss?
Absent from our list of "Who to Watch" included the state winners from Miss New Hampshire, Miss Iowa, Miss Indiana, Miss Illinois, Miss Texas, Miss Oregon and Miss Idaho.  It doesn't mean we don't love you - but you can bet it means we're paying attention to you now. :)

~ And of the 7 state winners you missed, were you totally shocked? 
Four of these girls were never on our radar and 3 of them we considered listing, but didn't.

~  How many total contestants did you research? 
There were 1380 contestants competing for the 53 state titles this year.  Think about that for a moment...  Nearly 1400 girls!  That means each state had an average of 26 girls competing to win!  We realize most people only care about one state pageant... But our job is to look into all 53 states - and sometimes that means we don't do as much research as we should on "your state".  If you, or your daughter, or your grand-daughter, or your sister, or your roommate, or your cousin, or your neighbor's hair-dresser's best friend wasn't listed, please don't take it personally. :)  We simply couldn't research all 1380 girls and write 53 blogs in basically 2 months.

 ~ Which states received the most interest on your blog?
These 5 photos represent the "5 Most Visited Posts" for this pageant season! From the bottom to the top... We have...
          - 4th Runner Up, Ivana Hall, Miss Texas
          - 3rd Runner Up, Chandler Champion, Miss Alabama
          - 2nd Runner Up, Haley Williams, Miss Michigan
          - 1st Runner Up, Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina
          - Winner = Alison Cook, Miss Oregon!!!!
Big Thanks to all the Junkies who shared these posts with your friends... The 5 posts on these 5 states represented nearly 5000 pageviews!  You guys certainly know how to support your girls! :)

~  What are you going to do now with all your free time?
LOL!  Of course, we've started researching these 53 girls for Miss America!  Because Atlantic City is right around the corner - we think we'll have some strong insights into this class in ways we haven't before.  We can't wait to give our Preliminary Predictions and see the results come September!

So - there you go!  A plethora of pageantry propaganda at your fingertips!

And you thought 'Miss America Junkies' was just a name... :)




  1. You didn't list Brittany Smith for Illinois "who to watch" either. She was a newbie to the Illinois system however.

  2. Hey Jane! Whoops! You're Right (looks like we confused which Brittany we listed with the one who is now Miss IL)... We'll correct the blog... Apologies! Goes to prove we aren't always right :)