Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Even when she was just a kid, Danae Couch, Miss Texas, knew what she wanted to be a lawyer when she 'grew up'.

And in an interview given in the Texas Bar Journal in September 2012, Danae said pageants were a great "primer" for her legal career.
          "You are thrown into a new environment all of the time and you to think on your feet.  You also have to win people over and endear them to you.  I see closing arguments as being similar.  I think it is helping me hone my advocacy skills."
 Something else Danae has enjoyed since she was a kid is twirling!  In fact Danae's twirling career started at age 8 but her pageant career didn't start until age 20.

And when Danae's advocacy/interview skills combined with her twirling skills, she earned herself a Top 10 finish at Miss America!  Danae will return to law school this fall to finish her studies - and looks to use her law degree to be an advocate for others.

Now - on to this year's Miss Texas Pageant!

Let's start by saying... As easy as it was to list the front runners for Miss Texas last year (if you remember, there were 3 different women who had been named 1st runner up to Miss TX all competing in '12) - it's just THAT HARD to find the front-runners this year!  And - when you compete in Texas, you don't even walk in the door unless you have a fabulous head-shot and a great prep team behind you!  Add all of this to the fact that there are 49 girls competing this year!  So - let's just say, we wouldn't be surprised if someone who's not on our list wins the crown this year.  We did our best --- but this is a tough pageant to pin down!  In light of all that...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Monique Evans - Top 10 in '11 and prelim talent,
Christine Tang - 4th runner up '12, Top 10 in '09
Taylor Lowrey - TX OT '09
Zoe Cadore - Alpha Talent in '12, Law Student, interned with Congressman Shelia Jackson
Breshell Hurley - Alpha Talent & Alpha Interview winner '12, Top 10 in '12
Callie Thompson - Top 15 '10, TX OT '07
Morgan Fuller - TX Cinderella State Teen '07
Michelle Hanson - Junkies Favorite TX Social Media Junkie :)

Junkies Love Texas!!!  ALL THE BEST! :)

1st Runner Up = Christine Tang
2nd Runner Up = Michelle Hanson
3rd Runner Up = Kaylee Killingsworth
4th Runner Up = Callie Thompson


  1. Oh Junkies! I just saw this- you are fantastic! Thank you for all that you provide to us "pageant lovers" and contestants alike. The research and reach out are just incredible.
    Love always,
    Your favorite TX Social Media Junkie,
    Michelle Hanson

  2. You did the Junkies proud, Michelle! Very Happy for you and your finish at Miss TX! Congrats! :)