Sunday, July 14, 2013


From Miss New York, Shannon Oliver's personal blog about becoming Miss New York...

          I was sitting in an apartment in Harlem with six strangers and one friend while watching the Miss America Pageant.  And then it happened. My words were gone. I couldn't say "She did it!!" No, I could not even muster an "Oh my gosh!!" Instead, what can only be described as a banshee scream came pouring out of my mouth. Honestly, it sounded as though I had just witnessed murder. My voice teacher would have had a fit on account of my vocal chords as this terrible noise erupted from my throat for what must have been at least 15 full seconds. Eventually I stopped screaming when I realized that the neighbors of this stranger's apartment might call the police. 

"Shannon! Maybe you'll take Mallory's title!", I looked at them as though they had just suggested that in a week from now I'd be on the moon. Crazy-talk.
Well, crazy-talkers, you win. Here I sit, the new Miss New York 2012. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it since, in my mind, Mallory will always be Miss New York 2012."

We think Shannon has been an excellent Miss New York - and would highly encourage you to follow her blog at Shannon's NYC.  She's spunky, confident and only wishes her mom could've been around to see her wear the crown.

Mallory Hagan WILL be on hand to crown the new Miss New York - and this one isn't going to be easy!  There are 5, count 'em, FIVE former Outstanding Teen state winners competing at New York... along with some additional stiff competition!  Can't Wait to see who walks away with this one!!!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Nora Ali - America's Jr. Miss '07, Violin Talent
Katie Berry - 1st runner up '12, Prelim SS and Talent, 2nd runner up NJ '10, NJ OT '05
Acacia Courtney - Top 10 '12, CT OT '09
Nina Davuluri - 2nd runner up '12, MI OT '06, 1st Runner Up at MAOT
Amanda Mason- 4th runner up '11
Desiree Wiley - 3rd runner up '11, 4th runner up '12 Prelim SS and Gown
Camille Sims - GA OT '10, 2nd runner up MAOT
Amanda Alicea - NY OT 05, NY Teen America '07 2nd Runner up Nationals



1st Runner Up = Amanda Mason
2nd Runner Up = Acacia Courtney
3rd Runner Up =   Desiree Wiley
4th Runner Up = Theresa Lii

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