Monday, July 8, 2013


Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers was certainly a 'person of interest' all week during Miss America 2013.  As a prelim swimsuit winner and flat-out gorgeous on stage, Ali truly shined.  And - ask anyone who was in Vegas that night - I swear there was an audible gasp in the room when Mallory Hagan was named the winner... After all, Ali was featured in the ABC special that ran prior tot he pageant and according to Vegas odds-makers, Ali was an 8-1 favorite to win the crown (stronger than any other contestant).  Plenty of people thought Ali would be named Miss America 2013 and 'oh so close' she came!

Because of her finish, Ali received plenty of attention and lots of press.  And, it's always interesting to see how the 1st runner up reacts after gaining some perspective a couple of months post-Miss America.  From the Clemson University online paper,

          "Her roots in her faith and her kindhearted disposition help her manage the responsibility of having thousands of eyes on her. On top of that, her humble perspective helps her keep a level head about the burst of popularity.
          “Next year I’ll be a ‘has-been’ and nobody will care to follow Miss SC 2012,” she laughs.
           She shed no tears of disappointment when she came in second.
          “I wasn’t let down at all; I didn’t grow up wanting to be Miss America. I thought if I made Top 15, great. So being first-runner-up was far enough for me.”
The Junkies wish Ali all the best on her return to Clemson University and her continued work with special needs children.  The state of South Carolina has plenty to be proud of between Ali Rogers and Miss America's Outstanding Teen Rachel Wyatt.  And - no doubt, there's an amazing list of girls at Miss South Carolina this year too... this one could go any which way!

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Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:
Lauren Cabaniss - 1st runner up 12, 3rd runner up 12
Lindley Mayer - 2nd runner up '10, 2nd runner up '11, SC OT 05
Brooke Mosteller - 3rd runner up '12
Leighann Bagwell - 4th runner up '12
Lara Scott - 4th runner up '11
Clarka Wickliffe - Top 11 in '12
Maegan Garner - Top 11 in' '12
Analouisa Valencia - gained lots of press because she's bilingual, biracial, and the first open lesbian competing at Miss SC



1st Runner Up = Lindley Mayer
2nd Runner Up = Clarka Wickliffe
3rd Runner Up =Lauren Cabaniss
4th Runner Up = Lanie Hudson

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