Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The final blogpost for this state class features none other than Sloane Roberts, Miss Arkansas 2012!

During her time at Miss America, Sloane received the coveted "Miss Congeniality" award... and her reaction to this honor was posted on her Facebook page...

"When my name was called in the dressing room as the 2013 recipient of the Miss Congeniality award, I knew that His (God's) light shined way brighter than I even imagined. In that moment, I felt so humbled. Of course, emotions were on edge and I cried like a baby. That award is by far the greatest achievement I have ever made. I am so glad I had more of an impact on 52 other girls that I will remain in contact with rather than the judges who have probably already forgotten about me. I gave a short speech to the girls telling them how much I loved them and appreciated that more than they even knew..."

We know Sloane Roberts has a heart of Gold - and wish her the best in her future endeavors... We look forward to watching her blossom beyond the pageant stage in the years to come!

And now - The final state competition for Miss America is bound to be a doozie!  There are 20 veterans, 25 newbies for a total of 45 girls!  Although we expect some newbies to make some waves, we're listing our top picks based on previous performance.

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Morgan Holt - 1st runner up '12, AR OT '07
Amy Crain - 1st runner up '09, 2nd runner up '10, Top 10 '11
Brooke Ault - Top 10 '12, Alpha Interview and Talent awards
Somer Allen - 3rd runner up '11, Top 10 in '12
Tracy Neal - Top 15  in '12, Gown, SS and Alpha Interview awards
Lauren Howell - Prelim Gown '12, Tap Dancer

Good Luck Ladies!!!


Winner = AMY CRAIN
1st Runner Up = Tracy Neal
2nd Runner Up = Abby Lindsey
3rd Runner Up = Kiley Wright
4th Runner Up = Lauren Howell

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