Monday, July 1, 2013


 Kaitlin Gates was one of 9 former Outstanding Teens who made their way to Miss America 2013... The photo above was taken at a special luncheon in Orlando for former OT's who came back to win a state title.  Just in case you're wondering - the state winners are (from left to right)  OK, IN, MD, WV,  NH, AR, MA, SC and NJ.

It's been lots of fun watching "Outstanding Teens" make their way into the "Miss" arena - and another great way for girls to get to know each other before all being thrown in a room together and saying - "Guess What?  You're all trying to become Miss America - Get Along and Have Fun!"

It didn't happen this year... but one of these years, Miss America will crown a girl who was formerly an Outstanding Teen.  Mallory Hagan has also been a wonderful advocate for the OT program because even though she never won her state, it's where she began her Miss America journey.

This year, we have a few OT winners competing at Miss WV... and

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Makayla Lewis -1st runner up '12, WV Sweetheart delegate '12
Maggie Power - 2nd runner up '12
Jackie Riggleman - Top 8 in '12, WV OT in '09
Bethany Lojewski - WV OT '08
Chelsea Malone - former "WV Idol", 2nd runner up OT '09
Elizabeth Goodall - WV Jr. Miss '09
Jeseca Bragg - Prelim Talent Winner in '11 - 4th time at Miss WV
Miranda Harrison - Non-Finalist Talent Winner at Miss VA '09, Prelim Talent winner '12 and Top 12 at WV

Good Luck Ladies!  :)

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