Saturday, July 13, 2013


Miss Mississippi Marie Wicks simply exudes warmth, generosity and sincerity.  When watching videos about her, she strikes us as the kind of person who would casually stroll along an quiet, tree-lined street, curiously considering whether or not anyone in history ever walked the same path.

After all, Marie has an inquisitive mind... She has a dual degree in International Studies and French, with a minor in Chemistry.  And while her future plans are not 100% set in stone, she's thinking of a combination of medicine and law because, as she says, she just "loves learning".

At Miss America, Marie was named a Quality of Life finalist, a non-finalist Talent Award winner and was also Mallory Hagan's roommate.  A couple of select awards to be proud of and 10 days with the future Miss America may prove to the least of Marie's accomplishments if she continues to learn, grow and be that classic, "Southern Soul" we love.

And now - Miss Mississippi 2013 is crazy competitive!  With 35 contestants, this one will not be easy at all!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch!

Breanne Ponder - MS USA '10, Top 10 at Miss USA
Jasmine Murray - 1st runner up '12, America Idol Top 13 Finalist, Miss MS OT '07 = Top 10 at MAOT
Shelby Corn - 1st runner up '11, Prelim SS
Jessica Terrill - 2nd runner up '12, Top 10 in '11
Chassidy Sumler - 3rd runner up '12
Chelsea Rick - 4th runner up '12, Prelim SS
Laura Lee Lewis - MS OT '09
Kennitra Thompson - spent 2 weeks in a coma on life support and nearly died from an allergic reaction, Miss Black MS USA '10
Jordin Johnson - 4.0 nursing student, competitve gymnast, 1st time to Miss MS
Adrian Turner - 3rd year Pharmacy Student, 2nd time at Miss MS

We'll be watching these results closely!  Good Luck Ladies! :)


1st Runner Up = Hannah Roberts
2nd Runner Up = Laura Lee Lewis
3rd Runner Up = Jordin Johnson
4th Runner Up = Caroline Conerly

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