Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Junkies FAQ's Part One...

If you've poked around this site for any length of time, you can tell the Junkies' Blog "Comes Alive" around Miss America and more recently, during State Pageant Season.  In an effort to "Keep the Blog Alive" between now and September, we thought we'd do our best to come up with topics of interest to Junkies across the nation.  Therefore, today's post addresses some Frequently Asked Questions that have come to us while we travel to various state pageants, via Facebook, Twitter or in personal conversation for people who meet us...

So here you go... In no particular order... These are your Top 10 FAQ's answered by none other than the "Founding Junkie" herself...

1.  How did you decide to start Miss America Junkies?
          ~ Four years ago, I was frustrated and disappointed with how much negativity existed online in Miss America forums.  I longed for a site that would 'lift up' contestants, encourage them to get the most out of their Miss America experience, and would showcase the best of what each girl had to offer - be it compassion, humor, talent, beauty or grace.  Two years passed... and when I realized I couldn't find what I was looking for, I simply decided to start it myself.  Nearly 4500 Facebook fans and Twitter followers later, I guess I was on to something. :) 

2.  Did you ever compete yourself at Miss America or in other pageants?
          ~ I'm afraid I never made it to Miss America... but I enjoyed growing up in a 'Pageant Family'. My pageant career consisted of being named the 1st Runner Up at my state Junior Miss pageant then competing twice at my Miss America State pageant.  I finished as the 2nd Runner Up in my state which also allowed me to compete at Miss Sweetheart in fabulous Hoopeston, Illinois. :)

3.  Do you have a 'regular' full-time job?
          ~ Yes!  I happen to be the VP/GM of a National Media Company by day and a Junkie by night. :)

4.  How do you choose the girls who make your "Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch" list?
          ~ Essentially, we do our best to research the Top 5/Top 10 from the last 2 or 3 years of competition (which can be surprisingly difficult depending on the amount of accurate/inaccurate media coverage your state pageant receives).  Then, we look up Outstanding Teen state winners and runner ups (again - runner up coverage is sometimes very hard to find!).  Then, we look at head-shots and see who catches our eye.  Truth is, we've actually been doing this long enough now that we're pretty familiar with several names and faces from certain states - which makes our jobs much easier!

5.  What has been the biggest surprise to you since you started Miss America Junkies?
          ~ Hands Down... the biggest surprise to me is learning how many incredible young women are more than qualified to represent their state at Miss America.  In many cases, the girls who finish as the 1st or 2nd runner up are just as qualified to be "Miss State" - but for whatever reason, they aren't named the winner.  It's a rare thing to compete at Miss America - but seeing intelligent, talented, and capable young ladies finish within arms length of the crown, is not rare at all.

That's Part One of our "MAJ ~ FAQs"... Part Two will be posted soon enough! :)

If you have a question you'd like to ask the Junkies, feel free to post it in our comment section below.  You can also reach us on our Facebook page, through a private Facebook message, through our Twitter Feed or via email at MissAmericaJunkies@gmail.com.  So many ways to "Ask the Junkies" - Just take your pick!  :)



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