Thursday, July 31, 2014


Alright, Alright, Alright... :)

Tonight is the last preliminary competition night for Miss America's Outstanding Teen... And although tonight is the final prelim night - it's certainly not our final prediction post regarding MAOT.  We'll definitely be offering a Top 15 and Top 5 list before finals night on Saturday (whoooooooo hooooooooo)!  LOL!  We're in too deep to turn back now!  Might as well go "all in" and see where we land! :)

One thing we do know... Given this class' intelligence, beauty, talent and poise, Junkies think we could see many of these ladies on the Miss America stage one day!  That's good news for us - because we'll be even MORE PREPARED several years down the line when when it comes to future Miss State contestants.

Turns out - this has been a pretty smart move on our part (even if we did get here begrudgingly)... Wish we would've done it sooner!

So - let's not waste more time... let's get to last night's results!

TALENT WINNER - TENNESSEE - a correct pick!
The lovely Lexie Perry is truly something.  While we don't know the whole story, we do know that on Lexie's twitter feed, her profile says, "Hearing impaired fiddle player. Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."  Big Congrats to Lexie for overcoming her disability - and earning last night's Talent award against some super-duper tough competition!  She certainly has #TeamTennessee on her side - and could do well come Saturday night!

GOWN/OSQ WINNER - WASHINGTON - a correct pick!
Tayler Plunkett is undeniably beautiful.  We found a video of her shortly after winning Washington's OT where she was so genuine and really endearing as a newly crowned titleholder.  We knew she would 'glow' on stage and are excited for her prelim win!  Congrats to Tayler and everyone who works alongside Miss Washington's OT - Great Job!

Alright.  We know what you must be thinking...

"Junkies keep saying they don't have a clue about Outstanding Teens, but then they turn around and go 4 for 4... So what gives?"

Well - to be honest, we're flat our shocked.

As of Sunday - I don't think we could've given you the full name of one single Outstanding Teen state winner out there!  And if you threatened to take away our favorite pair of stilletos - I think we *might* have been able to name 7 out the 10 MAOT National Winners.  It's not that we don't care, it's just not been "in our wheelhouse" so to speak.  It really was on a whim that we decided to give prediction blogs a shot for Teens - but because the same basic rules apply that apply to Miss America, I guess it's not as complicated as we originally believed.  Shame on us for not considering Teen Predictions sooner... Lesson Learned :)

Plus - we could always go 0 for 2 tonight! LOLOL!  Don't put it past us! :)

Now that we've established how Junkies can be a little slow to the party... It's time to tell you what we're thinking for tonight!  Here's the groupings one more time for you... Tonight, the Red Group does Talent and the Blue Group does Evening Wear/OSQ...

Our Picks Are = 

TALENT - Michigan, Florida, Texas and Idaho
So far, Talent has gone to an opera singer and an instrumentalist (fiddle)... Will we get a dancer tonight?  Not sure... This is why we play the game...

GOWN/OSQ - Oklahoma, Ohio, North Carolina and California
Junkies have a theory about the final night prelim winner in this category... Sometimes, the winner simply is the girl who answers her question the best and looks spectacular in her evening wear.  And other times... The final night prelim winner is actually the girl who the judges loved the most in interview.  Trouble is, you never really know the answer until after the winner's been crowned (lol) - so there's no proving this theory until the final night's results take place... Hence, why it's still a 'theory' :)

And there you have it!  Results from Thursday night will be posted to our Facebook page and Twitter Feed @PageantJunkies... GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!  HAVE FUN!!!  :)

Founding Junkie

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