Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Alright - The "Junkie Predictions 101" class is over.

There's no more beating around the bush.

The time has come to put up and shut up.

Junkies need to make our first ever predictions for tonight's Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Prelim Night #1.

Forgive me... But, I'm suddenly having a flash-back...

I'm in the 4th grade and I'm the first girl up to bat during our very first softball game of the season.  I'm super nervous as my 10 year old body walks up to the plate on this hazy, late-afternoon summer scene.   The pitcher looks older than me... like she's been doing this for a while - and obviously, I have not.  While it's my dream to hit a home-run, I'm also hoping I can just get out of this without peeing my pants.

That pretty much sums up the way I feel about this prediction post! :)

OK - No more time to waste... HERE WE GO!!! :)

TALENT - Illinois, New Hampshire,  Rhode Island, Georgia
Seriously - Talent looks AMAZING tonight and there are SEVERAL girls who could win (Frankly, I could like 4 more states who could win talent tonight - it's that strong!).  From what we can tell - tonight's Talent might just rival the Talent competition at Miss America - if you're in Orlando tonight, you are in for a TREAT!!!  ENJOY!!! :)

FITNESS - Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio
Seriously - we pretty much have no business predicting Fitness winners because it's NOTHING like predicting Swimsuit winners at Miss America.  Teens perform a "fitness routine" rather than prancing around in a bikini - and we found one online to give you an example!  This is from Miss North Carolina - Check it out by clicking here... Jump to the 3:30 mark to see an example of an OT fitness routine and you'll understand what we're talking about.  MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to predict than good old fashioned Swimsuit winners.  These ladies are being judged on their coordination, strength, balance and timing - and an ability to smile while doing it!  Just fyi - it's kind of hard to see "coordination, strength, balance and timing" via the internet :)

EVENING WEAR/ON-STAGE QUESTION - Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri
Seriously - I can't believe we're even trying to predict the winners of an Evening Wear competition when we've never seen these ladies in their full pageant glory.  For us, this prediction is about head-shots, event photos on the MAOT Facebook page, and who we think scored well in interview... Again, not easy to do...

And there you have it!  Our first MAOT Prediction... May it go better than our first softball experience in 4th grade!!! :) 

Actually... I had no idea that memory was still with me - and I laughed out loud when I began writing it down!  Thanks for the unsolicited moment of therapy, Junkies... Hope everyone's pants remained dry throughout the reading of this blog. :)

Big Hugs!
Founding Junkie

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