Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Just like they always say - You gotta save the BEST for last... :)

Sarah Downs, Miss Idaho 2013 is a lover of the Miss America system through and through...  In her very first appearance as Miss ID 2013, Sarah explained that she believed in the program so much, that she planned to 'just keep competing' until she was no longer able to do so.  During her first 3 trips to Miss ID, Sarah never even made the Top 10... But that didn't stop her!  All you need is one year when it all comes together at the right time, for the right reasons :)

For Sarah, one of those reasons was her dedication to her platform - "Taking Back our Health - Promoting Nutrition".  Sarah says she gained a significant amount of weight when she was a freshman in college However, once she changed her eating habits and began exercising, she lost 40 pounds and was more than willing to change her platform to better represent her personal experiences.

Sarah's hard work and dedication was rewarded not just with the title of Miss Idaho - but also with the Miss America "Four Points Award".  This special scholarship is given to the contestant whose platform best represents all 4 points of the crown - Service, Scholarship, Style and Success.  And speaking of Success - those Idaho ladies certainly have a winning streak going when it comes to the Four Points award!  This award has been given away for 3 years - and guess who's won the award each year?  MISS IDAHO!!!

CONGRATS to Sarah Downs for continuing the tradition of excellence in your state - and for representing everything the Miss America program stands for... You strike us as the kind of person who truly wants to improve yourself and grow into a talented, self-confident, well-spoken, mature, young woman.  And for that, Big Junkie Kudos come your way! :)

And speaking of Junkie Kudos - O.M.G. - Do we ever have a bunch of Crazy Junkies in the state of Idaho!!!  You ladies are off the hook!  LOL!  Idaho definitely has the most "interaction" with the Junkies - whether through social media posts, retweets or personal messages - and we LOVE every minute of it!  Looks like The Junkies may have to make a trip to Nampa, ID in the future... :)

And for the record - because you're all so accomplished and bring so many incredible things to the table, we REALLY want to put each of your names on the list!  But unfortunately, that's not how the blog works (sniff sniff)...

So - here's the deal... If we list your name, we hope you prove us right! :)  And if we don't, WE HOPE YOU PROVE US WRONG!!!  GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!  #DoYourBest #BeProud #JunkiesLoveID

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Kaitlin Anderson - 1st RU '13, 4th RU '12
Kali Wright - Top 11 '13 - fabulous headshot, lovely voice
Dani Beckstorm - Top 11 '13, ID OT '08, currently anchor/reporter for KVPI TV
Sierra Sandison - Rookie Interview "Powerlifting challenge" winner and record setter
Kristen Tatilian - Prelim SS '10
Katelyn Stroble - Speech and Debate Team President at BYU
Brittany Lock - 2nd RU ID Teen USA '11, ID OT contestant
Megan Wilson - Miracle Maker award '13
Carolyn Pace - Yoga Talent, articulate, Sustainable Consumerism platform



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