Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Four score and seven rhinestones ago... I was looking for a way to re-connect with old friends.  This was long before the social media revolution took place - way back when email was the coolest thing since fax machines (anyone remember fax machines?).  That's when I decided to get in touch with friends and family during Miss America week by trying to see if I could predict the Prelim Swimsuit and Talent winners each night.  I would email them my picks, they would laugh at my pageant obsession and pretty soon, they were playing along too. :)  That's when the email list became too long and needed its own name.  At that time, it was dubbed "Miss America Junkies" (re-named "Pageant Junkies" just a short time ago)... and every year, more and more Junkies join me in my pursuit of the perfect pageant prelim prediction list.  Now, we've decided to expand this glorious opportunity to include the lovely ladies of Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

In case you've never seen this before - here's how it goes...

1.  I choose 4 states out of the 17/18 girls who are competing within one category that night.

2.  MAOT actually gives away 3 prelim awards each night - Talent, Fitness and Evening Wear/On-Stage Question... Therefore, I'll be predicting 3 different categories of winners (Miss America only awards Talent and Fitness).

3.  Three nights of competition, times 3 winners each night, means we'll have 9 total prelim winners by the end of the week (Pageant Math is awesome - Go STEM!) :)

Here's this year's MAOT contestant order... As always, feel free to click on the photo itself if you'd like to see a larger version.

Ok... couple of ground rules before we get started...

1. THIS IS A TEST... THIS IS ONLY A TEST.  Seriously - Nobody I know would ever say, "Hey... Let's put the Junkies' reputation on the line by trying to predict a bunch of Teen winners that you pretty much know nothing about!"  And yet, here we are. :)  So, fellow Junkies... Please... No judgement.  There's a pretty good shot we'll go 0 for 9 in this endeavor... and if that's the case, well... I guess we can sink back in despair and wait a few weeks for the Big Show in AC.

2.  THESE ARE TEENS... THEY ARE ONLY TEENS.  In case you didn't realize the age limits of the MAOT program, NONE of these young ladies has finished her Senior year of High School.  At the oldest - they've just finished their Junior year - and they can be as young as 13 when they compete at MAOT.  Do you remember what it's like to be that age???  I do.  So here's the deal - Junkies are all about creating a POSITIVE atmosphere when it comes to pageant commentary.  And with our Teens, we will be EXTRA SENSITIVE to ensure such happens.  Fair Warning.

3.  THE SAME RULES APPLY.  I have only seen a grand total of 3 state OT pageants in my life.  I've never seen the finals in Orlando.  Of this year's 53 contestants, I've met 2 of them - (and one of those was just dumb Junkie luck).  I'm basing my predictions from on-line research only.  I have no dog in this fight.  That means, if I don't choose your daughter/sister/niece/best-friend's hair-dresser's granddaughter, it doesn't mean she wasn't pretty enough... It doesn't mean she's not smart enough or she's not talented enough.... it only means, I'm not perfect.  And trust me - because this is our first year predicting teens, we're pretty sure perfection ain't gonna happen (lol!).  Please don't take it personally if we don't list your favorite girl.  She's still got as good a chance as anyone to bring home the title - and our predictions have NOTHING to do with the outcome! :)

4.  FINALLY - IT'S ABOUT THE FUN!  If it's not FUN - then Junkies don't do it!  If you think you wanna be a part of prelim prediction FUN - then by all means, JOIN US!!!  Everyone reading this is welcome to post their favorites each night as well!  Who knows, if you know what you're doing, you may get a job working for the Junkies next year (LOL!) :)

OK - You've just earned your passing grade for "MAOT Junkie Predictions 101!"  Our first prediction blog will be posted later this afternoon!  Feel free to start working on your own prediction list for tonight!!!  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Toodles -
Founding Junkie


  1. Arkansas has graduated high school.

  2. Hi JanaJill! Yes! You're right - it is possible that a girl may have graduated high school - but if she has graduated, she can only be 16 or younger (essentially, graduating early). The point is, these are super-young ladies and we're not going to let anyone make disparaging comments about them :) Thanks!