Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Everyone always wants to know our Top 10/Top 5... And trust me - that list is coming soon enough!  But in the meantime, we compiled the Top 10 and Top 5 states who had the most 'hits' or pageviews on our blog - and now's the time to share THAT list with you!

However, before we 'announce the final results' we thought we'd take a few moments to answer some additional questions that have come up... Always love going to the Junkies Mailbox... :)  Here goes!

So, Junkies went 45/51 and missed 6 states this year... Which states did you miss?
- We missed Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Arizona and West Virginia (BOO!).  It's our 2nd time in a row missing New Hampshire (Ugh!) - all other states were correctly predicted last year - and you can bet, these states are on our radar for next year!

Just curious - Did you have a "perfect state" that you picked this year?
- Junkies did pick the perfect state in Nevada!  We listed 5 names and all 5 girls were in the Top 5! Honorable Mention goes to Idaho and Washington where we listed 9 names and 8 of those 9 girls made the Top 10.  We were 7 of 8 in New Mexico... and perhaps some other states had strong finishes too... Unfortunately, we didn't keep all of the "Top 10" info from each pageant (lesson learned...)

Just curious - How many total contestants were there this year?
- 1408 contestants.  That's right - 1408.  Because 51 of the 53 pageants were held in 8 consecutive weeks... that means, on average, we were researching 176 girls every week for 8 solid weeks!!!  Most people only care about 1 or 2 state pageants - but our job is to research 176 girls every week.  This alone is one of the biggest reasons why we continue to say, "we're not perfect"... that's a whole lot of research in a short amount of time and we fall short every once in a while.

I don't understand - I thought Miss America had 53 contestants?  Didn't you do 53 state blogs?
- Yes... We did write 53 state blogs, but because Maine and Virgin Islands had a super small number of contestants (5 in Maine, 4 in VI) - we simply listed everyone's name and didn't "choose" a winner/runner up.  Not cool to include them in our total when we listed everyone participating :)

I don't understand - How did you get 189 out of 253 when it comes to predicting the Top 5?
- In the state of Wyoming, they offered awards for the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and winner... Hence, "3" in the state of WY and Top 5 everywhere else.  And once again, I didn't count Maine or Virgin Islands because we listed everyone instead of choosing only 1 or 2 names.

Honestly, I don't care about all that stuff... Just tell me... WHICH STATE RECEIVED THE MOST PAGEVIEWS on your BLOG???
- LOL!  Ok - Ok - Without Further Adeiu... It's time for the 'big announcement'... :)

This year, our Top 10 most viewed state blogs include:

Florida - Georgia - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - Arkansas - Rhode Island - South Carolina - Alabama - California and Tennessee!!!

And now -

The 4th Runner Up - MISS OKLAHOMA - Alex Eppler!

The 3rd Runner Up - MISS TENNESSEE - Haley Lewis!

The 2nd Runner Up - MISS SOUTH CAROLINA - Lanie Hudson!

The 1st Runner Up - MISS CALIFORNIA - Marina Inserra!!!

And The State with the Most Pageviews on the Miss America Junkies blog for 2014 is....


CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!  These 5 states accounted for more than 9000 pageviews and obviously have INCREDIBLE FANS!!!  Thanks so much for making this year's "Junkie Prediction Blogs" so much fun!!!

And GOOD LUCK LADIES!  May your Top 5 finish within MAJ be an indication of great things still to come!!! :)



  1. You know, I would love if this was an indicator of top 10 and top 5 at Miss America. Haha. That'd be spooky!

  2. Just curious, do you know why Miss PA 2013 isn't wearing her MAO crown while crowning her successor? Seems a little odd to me.

  3. Apparently the stone in that crown is the keystone of the state and it's a state tradition... My sister competed this year and that's what she told me.

  4. Yep that's correct! I am Annie now former Miss PA and crowning Amanda in this photo. The Pennsylvania Jewelrs Crown has been worn for decades during the crowning moment of each successor and is very much cherished and celebrated! The crown is made up of precious stones and VERY valuable-which always made it nerve-wracking to wear! But, also a HUGE honor. THANK YOU MAJ FOR THIS POST! Go Amanda! :)