Monday, July 7, 2014


Miss Mississippi 2013 Chelsea Rick has been dreaming of the Miss America stage for many years.  In an article in "Today in Mississippi" by Debbie Stringer, it explains exactly which part of the competition fascinated Chelsea the most...

          “It was the talent,” she said. “Of course, I loved the princess gowns—any little girl does—but I love to sing and dance. And to see those girls getting to do their talent on such a big stage really drew me in.”
          “My mom instilled in me the idea that these girls were about more than just pretty clothes. They were compassionate, articulate and intelligent. And the most important thing was that they were getting money for their education,” Rick said.

And when it comes to little girls watching her now, what's her message?  Stringer writes...

          Her crown is a sure-fire conversation starter with the little girls.
          “They love it, but I tell them that they don’t have to have a crown to be a princess. They have an invisible crown on all the time. I really have enjoyed that,” Rick said.

Chelsea certainly gave her all at Miss America - coming home with a Top 15 placement and the Preliminary Swimsuit Award (which in case you didn't know, is the 14th time the state of MS has brought home the prelim SS award!).  Plus, she was also honored with one of the 2 new STEM scholarships at Miss America worth $5000 because of her plans to become a neurologist. 

Finally, her years of community service have also been significant - she's raised over 12,000 pounds of food through her platform, "Full Plates, Healthy States" - which earned a place as a Finalist for the Quality of Life Award at Miss America as well.  Whew!  Looks like Chelsea took full advantage of her dream as a young girl - and came home making Mississippi proud :) Now that's what I call 'a performance worth noting' at Miss America!

All the Best to the future Dr. Rick - we're certain Chelsea will be one of our favorite Miss Mississippi's for years and years to come :)

Now - for Miss MS 2014 we've got ourselves quite a competition!  If you're looking for a nail-biter, then look no further! This one could go a million different ways - looking forward to seeing the results this weekend!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Laura Lee Lewis - 2nd RU '13, MS OT '09
Morgan Burnett - MS OT '08
Jasmine Murray - Top '10 '13, 1st RU '12, Miss MS OT '07, Top 10 at Nationals, Top 13 American Idol
Jessica Terrill - Top 10 '13, 2nd RU '12, Top 10 '11
Jordin Johnson - 3rd RU '13
Caroline Connerly - 4th RU '13
Shelby Corn - Top 10 '13, 1st RU '11
Alivia Roberts - double prelim winner MS OT '3rd runner up '13
Mia Hall - 1st RU MS DYW '13
Leighann Pacific - 1st RU MS Teen USA '08 and '09
Cece Hilman - Amazing personal story, overcoming invisible illness
Dalee Kimble - She's a comedian!  Seriously!



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