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Big Announcement Time...

We're about to do something we've never done before when it comes to our Teens!!!

But - before we get there - Junkies wanna give you an overall summary of the Outstanding Teen program and how many ladies have made it to the Miss America stage.  Prior to the first National Pageant in 2005, we know many different states hosted a 'teen title' - but this list is only regarding the ladies who competed at MAOT and then went on to compete for Miss America... Click on each photo to see a larger version...  Ready or not - Here We Go!

Competing for the Title of Miss America 2009... Courtney Gifford from Wyoming (left) and Sierra Minott from Florida (right)!  Sierra finished as the 4th runner up to Katie Stam.

Competing for the Title of Miss America 2011...
Caroline Bright (VT)
Arianna Afsar (CA)
Madison Tabet (NM)
Jalee Fuselier (HI)
Arianna finished as a Top 10 finalist and Jalee was the 2nd Runner up to Teresa Scanlan.

Then - things started to get a little crazy in the OT world... We had NINE girls competing for the title of Miss America 2012...
Genevive Nutting (ID)
Natalie Davis (MN)
Katharyn Nicholle (NJ)
Kendall Morris (TX)
Ann-Blair Thornton (KY)
Veronica Ohlinger (MT)
Kayla Batt (NE)
Michaela Lackey (GA)
Ariana Walker (ND)
Out of this group Kendall Morris finished in the Top 10 to Laura Kaeppeler.

Eight more Outstanding Teen state winners competed for the title of Miss America 2013... 
Alicia Clifton (OK)
MerrieBeth Cox (IN)
JoAnna Guy (MD)
Kaitlin Gates (WV)
Megan Lyman (NH)
Sloane Roberts (AR)
Taylor Kinzler (MA)
Ali Rogers (SC)
Lindsey Petrosh (NJ)
In this group, Alicia Clifton finished as the 2nd runner up and Ali Rogers was the 1st runner up to Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan.

Last year we had 8 ladies compete for the title of Miss America 2014 who were Outstanding Teen state winners...  
Myrrhanda Jones (FL)
Annie Rosellini (PA)
Nina Davuluri (NY)
Crystal Lee (CA)
Haley Williams (MI)
Kristin Korda (ME)
Reina Almon (WA)
Jacee Pilkington (NE)
In this group, Myrrhanda Jones was the 3rd runner up, Crystal Lee was the 1st runner up, and of course, Miss America FINALLY crowned a former Outstanding Teen in Nina Davuluri!!!!

This year - there are nine ladies competing for the title of Miss America 2015 who previously won an Outstanding Teen state title... We've also listed their placement at MAOT when they competed... They are...

AR - Ashton Campbell - Photogenic Award
CT - Acacia Courtney
MS - Jasmine Murray - Top 10
SD - Meridith Gould
NV - Ellie Smith
IA - Aly Olson - Non-Finalist Interview Award
AL - Caitlin Brunell - MAOT Winner 2008
VA - Courtney Garrett - Top 10
MT - Victoria Valentine

With 2 Runners Up in 2013 and 3 Runners Up in 2014, could we possibly have 4 Runners Up in 2015???  Dang!  Wouldn't that be something???  And wouldn't it be exciting if one of these ladies succeeded Nina as the second OT in a row to win Miss America???  It could happen...  :)

And now that you have a full breakdown of Miss America contestants at MAOT - it's time for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT....


Lol!  Yes - yes... Despite the fact that we basically started researching the Teen finalists all of 45 minutes ago - We're venturing into the prediction business when it comes to our Teens!  Stay Tuned - the very first Teen Prediction Blog will be available TOMORROW - just in time for prelims!

Until then - Junkies wish ALL THE BEST to this year's MISS AMERICA'S OUTSTANDING TEEN CONTESTANTS!!!  Can't wait to see who our new Teen Winner will be!!! :)

Founding Junkie

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