Sunday, July 13, 2014



Junkies are always super relieved when the final state blog is posted and the final state is predicted - and we haven't lost our sanity in the process (because, although some may question our sanity, I'm happy to say, it is still intact).

It's our first year to write these "MAJ Update Posts"... (Our first one is here... in case you missed it).

The whole point behind our "Update Posts" is to keep ourselves honest. :)  After all, we're the ones who call ourselves "Junkies" and it might be a bit embarrassing to discover that people who claim to be "Junkies" aren't any good at what they do!  Further - in addition to keeping track of state winners, we "upped the ante" this year and also started keeping track of how many women finished in the Top 5.  Today's post is a wrap-up of not just the most recent state predictions, but the whole Kitten-Caboodle as well (Junkie Kitty likes it when we use the phrase "Kitten-Caboodle") :)

So - Let's start with some results from the past few weeks!

Miss Massachusetts - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Texas - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Washington - 5 for 5, listed the Winner

And now - the results from this most previous weekend...

Miss Mississippi - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Kentucky - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Idaho - 5 for 5, listed the Winner

Not a bad way to end the state pageant season!  Junkies go 6 for 6 when correctly listing the winner and 27 for 30 when correctly listing ladies who finished in the top 5. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Now, before we move on, we want to make sure we address something else that's come up... A few folks have been asking if we updated our results since the 'recent changes' in Florida and Delaware... So - just to keep everyone honest, here's what's cooking there...

Florida - We listed both Elizabeth Fechtel and Victoria Cowen in our prediction list - so no adjustments or changes are necessary.  When it comes to Delaware - The new Top 5 was just announced last week!  Everyone moved up a slot and a new 4th runner up was named... So now... here's where we stand...

Florida - 4 for 5, listed the winner (no changes)
Delaware - 3 for 5 instead of 4 for 5, listed the winner

(Junkies adjusted MAJ Update #2 accordingly, and then factored said numbers into MAJ Update #3 - just in case you were playing this game at home :)

THEREFORE - When you add in the 6 states listed above AND the updates from FL and DE - the big, whoppin', grand-stinkin' cumulative total for 2014 is.....

PREDICTIONS for STATE WINNERS - 45 for 51 (88%)
PREDICTIONS for TOP 5 FINISHERS - 189 for 253 (75%)

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!  WHEW!!!  Hoping these numbers allow us to keep calling ourselves "Junkies" for at least another year - and of course, in true pageant-girl fashion, we hope we can improve on this year's performance to finish even higher next year!

DON'T WORRY - the Blog will remain active between now and September - Trust me, there's A LOT going on in the next nine weeks before we crown A NEW MISS AMERICA!!!  That's Right - it's only NINE WEEKS AWAY!!! :) 

And you can bet - we're spending a great deal of our time between now and then - trying to figure out, who's gonna win the whole Kitten Caboodle! :)

Stick Around Junkies...  The Fun has just Begun!!! :)


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  1. I never thought you all might loose your cred at true Junkies! Well done!

    Now, any idea when the 2015 MAP book will be available?