Friday, August 1, 2014

MAOT Thursday Night Results


The final night of MAOT Prelims has taken place and two more winners have come to the table!  Who were the winners last night?  Let's get to it!

TALENT - NORTH DAKOTA - an incorrect pick
The Junkies' dream of the perfect prelim prediction post was foiled by last night's talent winner - Raghen Lucy :)  Just for the record - nobody's even mildly upset at Raghen for spoiling our streak... How could you be when she performed a lovely Piano solo to Pirates of the Caribbean :)  She's also the very first Outstanding Teen from the state of North Dakota to bring home a prelim win in any area of competition!!!  Junkies say BRAVO RAGHEN!!!  BRAVO!!! :)

GOWN/OSQ - OKLAHOMA - a correct pick!
This is the second year in a row that Oklahoma has won the Gown/OSQ award at MAOT... Joei Whisenant certainly has that "something special" that's so attractive and sweet!  I don't know how they do it - but Oklahoma has the "biggest bench" we've ever seen in pageantry!  LOL!  If you don't understand that reference, it basically means OK consistently sends strong girls, year after year after year, in both their Teen and Miss program.  Think of your favorite college basketball or football team - when one class graduates, the best programs are able to put together another winning year because 'the bench' (the players coming up in the system) is so strong.  Congrats OK!  You may just have a winner on your hands in Joei Whisenant...

And there you have it!  Junkies finish 5 for 6 in our first year ever predicting Miss America's Outstanding Teen preliminary winners - and we're thrilled!  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I think we'd do so well in our first year out (*big sigh of relief right here)... And who knows... Maybe Junkies will take time in 2015 to see MAOT in person!?!

In the meantime - our work continues... and the HARD PART has just begun!  Junkies need to put together a finalist list for Saturday night!  You think prelim predictions are hard?  Try picking out 5/10/12/15 semi-finalists out of all these amazing teens!

*Side Note - does anyone know how many semi-finalists will be chosen (lol!)?  Again - it's our first year at this whole Teen thing... hate to select 15 states only to learn there's only 12 chosen... HELP PLEASE! :)

We expect you'll be doing the same!  You can always "play along" by selecting your own list of semi-finalists and compare them to ours!  We'll post our list sometime before the pageant begins on Saturday night!

Oh - and you can also live-stream the pageant on Saturday for a $10 donation... Here's the information and the link to the stream! :)

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! :)  Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!

Founding Junkie

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