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Today is the day we crown a new Miss America's Outstanding Teen!!!  Junkies have been climbing the walls ALL DAY LONG trying to get a grip on how we're going to narrow our list of 53 incredible Outstanding Teens down to only a few semi-finalists who will compete for the crown tonight!!!  We may make this look easy - but I gotta tell you, Junkie intuition can only take you so far... Today's the day where the rubber meets the road and a high heel meets the hard-wood (or something like that). 

But before we give you our predictions, we want to take a few moments to honor Leah Sykes - Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2014 who is giving up her crown tonight!

Junkies saw Leah sing during the Miss Minnesota program and were BLOWN AWAY by her talent!  SERIOUSLY!  Leah's vocals were some of the best we heard at the whole pageant - and some of the best we've ever heard from someone her age!  Musicians might say she has a special 'tone' or a unique 'quality' about her voice - it comes across as original and authentic, seasoned and pure.  She's certainly gifted - and has obviously worked hard to 'hone her talent' over the years.

It's our understanding that Leah will begin her Freshman year at Belmont University this Fall in Nashville, TN pursing a career in the music industry.  According to an article in the online edition of the Orlando Family Magazine, Leah says she has grown immensely over the past year as MAOT 2014 - and she encourages all teenagers to spend time giving and investing in the lives of others.

          “Find an organization that’s really personal to you and that you can really connect to,” Sykes said. “Volunteering has really become an important part of my life. I can’t believe I went 16 years without it in my life.”

We know Leah's mark has been made on MAOT and the next titleholder has a lot to live up to!

And while we've never had the chance to see any other Outstanding Teen national winner perform, Leah most certainly gave us a glimpse of the kind of young woman who typically wins the crown...  Especially when we study the last few national winners, we notice they all have a few things in common...

Impressive Talent
Significant Beauty
Confident Communicator
Lots of Poise

Those are the thoughts we're keeping in mind when we choose our Top 12.

BUT BEFORE WE GET THERE... We just want to remind you of some super important tid-bits...

 - If we don't choose your favorite girl, it's not personal.  Trust me - there are oodles of fabulous girls at MAOT this year - Junkies are beyond impressed with the state winners from each organization and the reason it took us so long to post this blog is because we spent so much time going back and forth with who would make the list!

- Here's what we always say - JUNKIES AREN'T PERFECT!  Just because we don't name your girl - it doesn't mean she won't make the semi-finals and it certainly doesn't mean she won't win!  It only means, we aren't perfect.  Remember - we didn't see a thing this week!  All of our research has been done online - We're not about to bet the house on perfection tonight!  Anything can happen :)

- Because the MAOT contestants are without their phones this week - we're guessing the only ones reading this blog right now are people who AREN'T competing (families, friends, etc)!  So - if your state makes our list, we hope she proves us right!  And if your state doesn't make our list, WE HOPE SHE PROVES US WRONG!!! :)  Junkies only want the best for each of the young women competing tonight... May this experience be one of the BEST THINGS that ever happened to each and every one of them!!! :) 

With all these thoughts in mind, here's our Top 12 list for MAOT 2015!!!

Junkies Top 12 List for MAOT
New Hampshire
South Carolina

Bubbles (or if they choose a Top 15... Junkies keep getting conflicting reports)...
North Dakota

And while it's insanely difficult to pick a Top 5 - Here's what we've got...

Junkies Top 5



Founding Junkie :)

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