Monday, September 8, 2014


Yes - It's FINALLY that time of year... it's MISS AMERICA WEEK!!!

Can you believe we're going to crown another Miss America in JUST SIX DAYS???

We can't either... the anticipation is KILLING US!  Especially since we're not going to be in Atlantic City this year (sniff, sniff)... :(

It's so hard knowing we aren't going to be sitting in the audience, or strolling on the boardwalk... or buying 'new bling' from trade show... or getting totally drenched by an unexpectedly large wave from the Atlantic Ocean when you thought standing in "knee deep" water was safe!  LOL!

In addition, we're afraid this means we won't get to meet any of you in person...  Which is a total bummer because, let's face it, meeting other Junkies is half the fun of being a Junkie! :)  But we know the show must go on and we will survive from afar...  In fact, we were going through our old blog archives to see when was the last time we watched Miss America from our living room!   It was the year Caressa Cameron was crowned and it turns out, I had a rather interesting series of events take place that year... If you're curious (or bored), you can check out these 3 different postings:

Here's the first...
Here's the second...
And here's the third...

It's a bit funny to go back down memory lane while reading these... They were all in the "JBFoT" days (Junkies Before Facebook or Twitter) - when I sent emails to all of my friends during Miss America week!  If you're brand new here and don't quite understand what I'm talking about (or again, you're bored)... you can check out the details at this post here from 2012. :)

But enough reminiscing!!!  It's Business Time!!!


As a quick review, here's how it works:

1. Two awards are given on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night... one for Fitness in Swimsuit and one for Talent (no on-stage awards for Evening Gown or On-Stage Question). Three nights of prelims times 2 awards each night means 6 awards total (who says pageant girls can't do math? GO STEM!).

2. Ever since we began making prelim predictions, we've been listing 4 states each night as our potential winners.  However, because Junkies went a perfect 6 for 6 last year, this year, we're only going to select 3 states per night and 1 "bubble" state (lol)... This is basically our way of making things a bit harder - and seeing if we can still pick prelim winners each night!

3. To provide complete disclosure... I've seen 4 of this year's contestants in person and have only met 1 of those 4 ladies in person.  99% of our research on our picks is from online research alone.

4.  Here's the Prelim list... for Tuesday, we're working with Alpha in Talent and Sigma in Swimsuit...

And of course, because we have so many new followers, I need to take a few moments to remind everyone about our ground rules...

1. These predictions are my way of making Miss America week interesting and are the continuation of something that was started long before the word "Blog" was even in the dictionary. :)  If I don't pick your favorite state, it doesn't mean she isn't smart enough, it doesn't mean she isn't pretty enough, it doesn't mean she isn't talented enough or that she doesn't have what it takes to win... It only means, I'm not perfect and I get it wrong from time to time.  It's not personal!  We want all the ladies to do their best!  If that means surprising us, then so be it!  As Junkies like to say, "If we pick your girl, we hope she proves us right... And if we don't pick your girl, we hope she proves us wrong!" :)

2. Just because we accurately predict a prelim winner - it doesn't mean she is the next Miss America.  Remember, neither Mallory Hagan nor Nina Davuluri won a single prelim!  Further, neither girl was even listed as a part of our prelim prediction list - But they both walked away with the crown!  Your girl can too! :) 

3. This is supposed to be... (wait for it... wait for it...) FUN!!! :)  Since prelim predictions are the origin of this whole crazy movement, those of us in the Junkie-Nation have a blast seeing if we can accurately predict a winner simply through online research and Junkie intuition.  Please don't take it personally if the girl you adore is not listed in our posts... especially this year... The competition is fierce this year and if we forget the fun - well, then we're just being dumb.  And nobody likes a dumb pageant girl. :)

Predictions will begin Tuesday - and we'll post our blog sometime before the preliminary competition begins!  Don't forget - you can check out our judges post here...  This post will give you a little more insight into the people responsible for choosing the next Miss America and how we think they might lean...

Until then - NOW IS THE TIME for you to begin making your own lists!  Feel free to "play along at home" and create your own list of potential prelim winners for each night!  Seeing your predictions is what makes this whole thing FUN! 

Plus, it reminds us that the Junkie-Nation is alive and well!  So grab a pencil (because every time we grab a pen, we regret it!) - go back and check out the contestant lineup above - and let's get this party started!!!  MISS AMERICA 2015 AWAITS!!!

Until then - Toodle - Loo!!!

Founding Junkie

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