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Congratulations to our night #2 Talent Winner, Miss Kentucky, Ramsey Carpenter... and our night #2 Swimsuit Winner, Miss Oklahoma, Alex Eppler!!!

By all accounts, several people in the audience thought last night's Talent competition was tougher than the first night - there were SEVERAL performances who could've won.  In the end, the judges went with another very entertaining, very crowd-pleasing Talent winner (who played "Orange Blossom Special") and another stunning face/body Swimsuit winner (photo credit - Leigh Thompson Photography)

Quick moment of commentary... if I may...

Based on the Talent winners thus far, I think Miss America is beginning to understand that the public's definition of "Talent" has changed...  Which means, Miss America's definition of "Talent" has to change as well.  Let me explain...

Miss America was the original "reality show" on television - and she will be celebrating 60 years on TV this year (60 YEARS!!! AMAZING!!!).  For decades, Miss America was able to define what "live talent" looked like based on contestants who were, for lack of a better word, "amateurs" in the entertainment business.  OK - Calm Down... I'm not saying that for 60 years Miss America contestants never had good talents! That's not what I'm saying at all...

I'm saying the definition of people with "Talent" on television used to be very narrow... For the most part, it was: professional musicians, recording artists, Broadway stars, and the kind of two-minute Talent that Miss America offered on national television.  But times have changed... And now, shows like, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, The X Factor, American Idol, etc... These shows have re-defined what "amateur talent" is... And frankly, the public (and I'm guessing, the judges as well) now expect to see the kinds of Talents that THOSE shows offer - rather than our traditional 2 minute Talent (yes, I know Talent is only 1 minute and :30 seconds now... but that's a whole other issue).

The point is... Entertainment now trumps pure technique.

Now, if you have crazy technique and you're entertaining (as in the case of Miss KY last night) - then that's the whole package!  But if you have tons of technique and you're not entertaining - you're simply not relevant in today's culture.  It didn't always used to be this way - but in my humble opinion, the rise of reality talent shows has forced us to cross the line and I'm not sure we'll ever go back.  In order for the public to pay attention (and begin to take us seriously) - Talents will need to resemble that of the television shows I listed above... Which means, they need to be entertaining to the general public.  The 'Golden Age' of old-school Miss America talent is over... I'm afraid we've been replaced by a bunch of Hollywood whipper-snappers and a public who loves to vote for baby-faced guys with acoustic guitars. :)

In addition to the Talent and Swimsuit awards given last night, Miss America also announced the winners of the Quality of Life Award, LIVE ON STAGE!  The 2nd Runner up was Miss Maryland, Jade Kenny, the 1st Runner up was Miss Delaware, Brittney Lewis, and the winner was none other than Caitlin Brunell, Miss Alabama!!!

In case you're new to this whole Miss America thingy... 99% of us know Caitlin Brunell.  It's because she was named Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008 (the little sister program to Miss America).  She also started an amazing charity when she was a teenager called Caitlin's Closet.  Originally, Caitlin's Closet provided prom and homecoming dresses to girls whose family couldn't afford them.  Now, over 10,000 dresses have been given away across 40 different states - and Caitlin's Closet has expanded into offering wedding dresses, along with men's and women's business suits as well.  Junkies have personally donated dresses to Caitlin's Closet because we understand the unique impact that "a nice dress" can have on young women who feels like she doesn't fit in.  Congrats to Caitlin Brunell and the state of Alabama for another Quality of Life win!  You truly understand the impact of service in our community.

And now - It's time to bring on tonight's picks!

In light of my little monologue above, we're sticking with who we think offer the most entertaining Talent's tonight...  HERE WE GO!!!

Thursday Night Talent Picks: Alaska, Connecticut, Pennsylvania
Talent Bubble State - Virginia

Thursday Night Swimsuit Picks: Georgia, New York, New Jersey
Swimsuit Bubble State - Idaho

And there you have it!  Our final night of prelims!  After going 4 for 4, will Junkies make it a perfect 6 for 6?

Let's just say, nobody's counting our chickens around here... But we sure are having fun playing the game!!!  GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!  KNOCK 'EM DEAD!!! :)

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  1. 5 out of 6 wow! You do mighty fine from your living room 1,000 miles away from the Boardwalk!!!