Sunday, September 8, 2013

"There's No Place Like Home..."

When The Junkies first heard rumors about Miss America returning to Atlantic City, our first thought was, "NO WAY"... and that someone must be smoking crack.  So, we went to the best place we knew to get confirmation... Google. :)

After googling "Miss America Atlantic City" for news specifically reported within the last 24 hours, we discovered 3 different outlets breaking the story.  At that point, I'm pretty sure my heart leaped... We couldn't find any news about it on Facebook or Twitter... and even though we saw 3 separate stories from traditional media, I was still extremely nervous about sending a 'tweet' to our Junkie followers.  If we were wrong - it would be bad (like not-funny, lose-all-credibility, the-Junkies-must-be-smoking-crack-bad).  But if we were right, it would be AWESOME to break the news to our followers before anyone else knew about it.  Suddenly, I was reminded why I have my Journalism degree... and at 6:24pm on February 13th, we sent the following tweet:

"#MissAmerica is coming back to Atlantic City!!!"

After a few followers wondering (say it with me) "if we were smoking crack", word began to spread and the excitement began to build as the truth came out.  May I say, being a "Junkie" has been awesome ever since. :)

In fact, we've gained more followers and posted more blogs over the past 7 months than at any other time in Junkie History!  We've interacted with more of you and LOVED your 'tips' and 'inside scoop' about your favorite contestants.  Moreover, we're blown away by the positive encouragement that gets posted day after day after day from those who have joined the Junkies in our Miss America obsession.  Being a positive outlet was the whole reason we started MAJ in the first place.

To be back in Atlantic City also holds special significance for the Junkies... The last time any of the "Original Junkies" were in Atlantic City, it was 1985... traveling cross-country in a van... with big hair and bigger shoulder-pads.  Now, nearly 30 years later, an entirely new generation of Junkies have come into the picture... and after 8 queens crowned in Vegas, Miss America is returning to her roots.  I expect this year will be more than special... it will be spectacular!

After all, our girls are having the time of their lives!  Dancing into the wee hours of the night, receiving over $800 worth of free merchandise from the Pier Shops, watching a major league baseball game and Blondie in concert, all while keeping their mascara in place and a smile on their face.  But tomorrow, we officially begin the competition. 

Interviews start tomorrow (Monday) morning - and the girls will get their first chance to impress the judges (by the way - if you missed our blogpost with our take on the judges, you can check it out here).  The first on-stage competition starts on Tuesday - which means, we will once again be posting our predictions for Prelim Winners each night!!!  You should be making your own lists as well - posting predictions is half the fun of being a Junkie! :)

In the meantime - you can do your homework by reviewing our contestant lineup...


We'll be predicting Talent and Swimsuit winners each night via this blog... and the Junkies will be in Atlantic City to see it all on in person on Thursday night! 

Finally, if you're headed to Atlantic City - we'll be hosting another "Junkie Meet and Greet" - likely on Friday or Saturday.  Last year, everyone who attended listed their Top 5 and we gave away a special prize to the person who accurately chose the most states in the Top 5.  If you joined us last year, we'd love to see you again!  We'd also love to meet as many NEW FRIENDS as possible as well!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter feed or this blog for further details about our Junkie Meet and Greet in AC".

Between now and then, I'll be doing all the typical pageant things in preparation for our trip... Make one last stop at Sephora, schedule a spray-tan, re-pack my luggage hoping to fit in one more pair of amazing shoes, and thank my husband for letting me play the Miss America Junkies game twice in one year.  At this point, I'm fairly certain he thinks ALL the Junkies are "smoking crack". :)

Our first prediction post is forthcoming!!!  HANG IN THERE!  Only 8 more days until we crown Miss America 2014!!!!! :)

#JunkiesUnite -


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