Sunday, September 15, 2013


As I type this blogpost, I'm looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from the 67th floor of my hotel room in Atlantic City... 

Interestingly enough, 2 things come to mind...

        - This is best my feet have felt in 4 days...
        - I have no idea who is going to win tonight...

Now, I fully realized some of you might think I'm just feigning ignorance... After all, who goes 6 for 6 when picking the prelim winners and doesn't know who's going to win the whole shi'bang???  Ummm... me.  Truthfully... I don't know who's going to walk away with the crown tonight.  Usually we have an 'inkling' or a reason why we can see it coming - even if our favorite contestant isn't in the mix.  But this year?  Not so sure.

So - before we give you our Top 15, I'd like to ask everyone to please take a deep breath and remind yourself of two things...  THESE ARE JUST OUR OPINIONS - and - THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! :)  Again, if your girl isn't on our list - it doesn't mean she won't make it... It doesn't means we don't like her... It doesn't mean we don't think she has what it takes... Truth is - predicting a Top 15 is a whole lot harder than predicting Prelim Winners.  ESPECIALLY since The Junkies just arrived on Thursday and only saw the girls on stage for 1 night of competition (last year, we went 14 for 16 - but we also saw 2 nights of preliminary competition).

So - here's what we're going to do... We're going to give you our Top 15 - and then break down to the Top 5 and the winner with a bit of commentary.  We haven't done this before - so let's see how it goes.

Top 15 - In Random Order:

New York
New Hampshire

We also chose 1 girl from each prelim night that we consider "on the bubble"... Our official picks are still listed above - but here's 3 more who we think could eek out a Top 15 placement.

South Carolina

In addition - here's who we think goes home with a few specialized awards...

Non-Finalist Interview Award

Non-finalist Talent Awards

And Now - Here's The Junkies' Top 5...

Mississippi - She has the 'classic Miss America look' about her... The one we originally thought MA would crown this year being back in AC.  She's smart, has a killer body, is currently in med school, and won a STEM scholarship earlier this week.  If Miss America wants a "Beautiful, Polished, Smart Girl," she'll win.

Georgia - Junkies hold the theory that Final Night swimsuit goes to the girl the judges liked the best in interview out of everyone else on her night.  Georgia has one of those 'looks' that we think the celebrity panel could really go for... If Miss America wants an "Old-School Hollywood Glam Girl," she'll win.

Oklahoma - With 4 prelim awards in a row (Emoly West, Betty Thompson, Alicia Clifton and Kelsey Griswold) and 3 Top 5 placements for Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold should keep the current OK streak alive... She looks like your everyday 'girl-next-door' and is uber-talented.  She could be one of the final 2 holding hands at the end of the night.  If Miss America wants a Talented "Girl Next Door," she'll win.
California - She's a Stanford graduate, another STEM scholarship winner and could've won Swimsuit on her prelim night.  With a celebrity panel, we think her California-cool-vibe will ooze out of her and put her in the Top 5.  If Miss America wants an Ivy-League caliber, "Social Media Queen," she'll win.

Kansas - Even though we think Kansas may be the People's Choice winner, we also think she could've made the Top 15 on her own.  She's already the media darling and the general public has been extremely receptive to her.  If Miss America wants  "New Kind of Representative" for Miss America, she'll win.

We believe ANY of these girls would make a fine and fabulous Miss America... But because Junkie Tradition says we need to pick a winner... Junkies say...


There you go!  May the Best Girl Win!!!

Junkie Wrap-Up will be posted tomorrow (eventually...)




  1. Miss New York sneaks in again......what are they doing up there on the east coast! Something right, when it comes to Miss America. Hope she can sing.....Bollywood dancing around the U.S. will be harder then Mallory's Tap.


  3. So sad Miss Louisiana didn't make the top 15 :(

  4. I actually had 10 out of the top 15, 10 out of the top 12, 8 out of the top 10 and 4 out of the top 5- including picking New York as the Winner. I think I could make a fantastic guest commentator for you guys :)