Friday, September 13, 2013

Thursday Night Prelim Results


Let's get right to it!  Here are you preliminary winners in Talent and Swimsuit from Thursday Night:

(photos courtesy of the Miss America Organization)

Big Congrats to Miss Georgia, Carly Mathis in Swimsuit and Miss Florida, Myrrhanda Jones in Talent!

Carly has a great story - she was overweight as a child and at one point, weighed over 200 lbs!  To turn that around and now be named a preliminary swimsuit winner at Miss America is simply amazing!  Being there first hand, we can tell you Carly 'owned' the stage last night... We picked her as our swimsuit winner as we sat in the audience :)

In addition - to know that Myrrhanda Jones tore her ACL during rehearsals only to look the the doctor in the eye and tell him she wanted to perform on the Miss America stage tells you she's strong --- but to then come and and win her Talent Prelim is incredible!  Junkies saw the performance - it wasn't a sympathy vote!  She earned it!  Congrats!

And with Georgia and Florida's wins... that means the Junkies went 6 for 6 this year - for the first time ever in Junkie History!!!  We're sooooooooo excited to have done so well - and say thanks to everyone who's helped offer their opinions along the way!  It's even more amazing to have our "Perfect Preliminary Predictions" take place while the pageant is in Atlantic City!  What a fabulous memory for all the Junkies to always treasure! :)

And speaking of memories... The Junkies LOVED our day in Atlantic City... Walking the Boardwalk, eating fabulous food and dipping our toes in the ocean!  If attending Miss America is on your "Bucket List" may I suggest finding a way to do so next year?  Everyone in AC is so appreciative and so grateful!  We couldn't be in better hands being "Back Home" in Atlantic City!

Finally - many of you have been asking about whether or not we're going to post a Top 15 list, etc.  Rest assured - we are and we will!  We'll be posting our Top 15, Top 5 and our pick to win it all on Sunday night... but that post will have to wait... we have a few favorites who are floating around in our heads - but there are A LOT of strong girls this year!  We haven't seen anyone specific 'rise to the top' just yet :)  

In the meantime - enjoy a few photos from our day 'out and about' today!  Happy Friday!


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  1. Can't wait to see what y'all predict :) how was miss Louisiana?