Monday, August 19, 2013


So - Let's talk Judges!

If you remember... Miss America announced they would use 2 sets of judges for Miss America 2014... Something they hadn't done since 2002!  It caused quite a stir... and if you missed our original assessment of the Preliminary Panel, YOU CAN FIND IT HERE...

Now that we have a final night "Celebrity Panel" - we can easily compare and contrast the two panels and give you our thoughts.

Thought #1. 

~ If you LOVED the prelim panel, then you likely HATE the final night panel.  If you were APPALLED by the prelim panel, you likely ADORE the final night panel.  Why?  Because these two panels could not be more opposite if they tried!!!

Thought #2.

~ As "Old School" as the Prelim Panel is, that's exactly how "New School" the Final Night panel is.  Case in point... Of the 7 Preliminary Panel judges, we found 2 - count 'em 2, twitter accounts (and only 1 of the 2 judges know how to use it).  On the flip side, take our 2 most popular judges' twitter accounts from the Final Night panel, and you'll find 1.2 MILLION PEOPLE following Lance Bass and Amar'e Stoudemire.  An active understanding of Social Media was a HUGE GAP missing from the first panel --- but it's quickly erased by the second panel.

Thought #3.
~ Never Fear... In the end, we're still going to crown the same kind of girl who will be a fabulous Miss America.  Why?  Because in order to win over these polar opposite panels, she'll need to be well-rounded, able to relate to everyone, and a strong role model.  We call it "balance". :)

For the record, here's your Prelim Panel Judges (click on the photo to see a larger version)...

Here's how we summarize this Prelim Panel.  They are...
 - Southern
 - Accomplished
 - Classic Miss America

Now, take a peek at your Final Night Judges...

When I look at the Final Night Judges, here's how I would describe them.  They are...
 - The "Talent"
 - Liberal/Progressive
 - Confidently Charismatic

Here's what this tells me... The Top 15 who are selected by the Prelim Panel will have every "Quality" that we've come to expect from Miss America winners... She will be poised and polished.  She will be engaging and beautiful.  She will have a solid talent and she will be fit.  Then, the Celebrity Panel will saunter in with a swagger, take it up a notch, and find the biggest star in the group.  They'll only be judging 15 girls - which means 2 or 3 of them should stick out immediately.  The question is... will it be the same two or three girls across the board??? 

The Final Night Panel will choose someone who is striking and has a dynamic presence about them.  Someone who could be seen on the red carpet and hold her own.  Someone who is uber-confident and simply has 'it' (whatever 'it' is!) - because THAT'S EXACTLY who these people are.  Think about it - They're Hollywood types, stage performers, on-camera folks, and an NBA All-Star out of high school... Former panels have had at least one or two 'background celebrities' (producers, directors, founders of companies) - but these people are on the forefront.  They can spot someone like them.  They know what it takes to hold up under public scrutiny and how to keep their personal brand strong.  In my opinion, this panel will not crown a pretty wallflower... They're going to crown a powerhouse.

But you gotta get through the first panel if you expect to be crowned by the second!  If you don't have the whole package - you're not our winner this year.  That means, we might just get the most well-rounded Queen we've seen in a long, long time :)
Those are our thoughts!  What Say You???



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  1. I think it's safe to say I know who this "Well-rounded Powerhouse" is going to be, and I'm not the only one. ;)