Monday, August 12, 2013


It's Time to Talk Outstanding Teen!!!

Admittedly, The Junkies don't give Miss America's Outstanding Teen program as much coverage as we do the Miss program.  It's not because we don't think it's viable or we don't appreciate it - rather, it's because we simply don't have the time to do it justice!  Consider that nearly 1400 girls were involved at the state pageants for the Miss program... Providing adequate coverage for another 1400+ contestants would take herculean efforts on our part!  Perhaps one day, when The Junkies have our own full-time staff, the MAO corporate office on speed dial, and the number one pageant reality show on television, then we'll become Outstanding Teen Junkies too!:)

This year, there are 8 former Outstanding Teen state winners who will be competing at Miss America... And they are... (from left to right)

Top Row = Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and California
Bottom Row = Michigan, Maine, Washington, Nebraska

Of this group...
      ~ Miss New York finished as the 1st runner up to MAOT 2007 Maria De Santis
      ~ Miss Florida finished as the 2nd runner up to MAOT 2010 Jeannette Morelan
      ~ Miss California finished in the Top 10 at MAOT 2009

But as we've seen before, MAOT finishes don't always translate into how well a girl will do at Miss America.  Even though MAOT is Miss America's "little sister" - there are different attributes between Miss America and Miss America's Outstanding Teen - and they don't always translate.  Girls who were big hits as a Teen, sometimes don't make the cut at Miss America and vice versa.  Each pageant is a brand new ballgame and you can't take previous accomplishments as the only indication of future achievements.

That being said... One day... Miss America WILL CROWN a girl who was formerly a State Outstanding Teen.  And when that happens, expect numbers at the OT programs to skyrocket!  The reigning Miss America Mallory Hagan talks frequently about her Miss America experience beginning with the Outstanding Teen program - which has given a strong amount of interest to it thus far... The next step is for Miss America to crown a former OT state winner. :)

Each of our Miss State winners are traveling to Orlando, FL this week to cheer on their "little sister" as the MAOT competition begins.  They'll participate in various autograph signings, photo shoots, and orientation meetings during their time at MAOT as well.  Plus, it's the first time all the Miss contestants will be together - the energy is electric and palpable! (Whooooo Hoooooo!) :)

Interviews for MAOT start today - and the on-stage preliminary competition begins tomorrow!  Good Luck to everyone at Miss America's Outstanding Teen!  We look forward to following your pageant journey - hopefully to the Miss America stage one day!!! :)


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