Thursday, January 10, 2013



A FABULOUS Night in Vegas - and 2 well-deserving winners!  Here's the run-down...

Swimsuit Winner = Illinois!  Megan Ervin was solid - and had a teeny black bikini last night!  She smiled ear to ear and 'worked it' if that makes sense... You could tell she felt strong and beautiful when she walked.  While others might have been taller, or 'leaner', Megan was 'in the moment', she's incredibly 'fit' and it showed!  When we saw her on stage, we knew she would be near the Top, but we didn't originally pick her yesterday... our first 'missed pick' of the week.

Talent Winner = Maryland!  Joanna Guy sang her heart out with a lovely rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable".  We also loved Joanna's Evening Gown on Tuesday - and given she's a Student at Cornell, we believe her interview must've been strong as too.  Make sure she's on your 'list'... Happy to have picked her correctly yesterday. :)


So far, we're 3 for 4... so we're starting to feel the pressure of getting 2 more correct picks tonight!  Over all the years we've been doing this, we've never done better than 5 for 6... we usually go 4 for 6... and anything less than that is a let-down.  I mean, honestly... my husband who only puts up with my Miss America insanity for a few days a year can practically go 50/50. :)

So - once again - without attending rehearsals - here's who we say you should watch for Prelim Winners tonight!

California =  Leah Cecil was long and lean and lovely in her contestant video... Plus, she has that whole 'California-Beachy-Laid-Back' attitude that is perfect for the Swimsuit Competition.
Tennessee = Chandler Lawson is the tallest contestant this year at 6'0.  She just finished as the 2nd Runner up in the Quality of Life Service awards (Winner = Miss Alabama, 1st Runner up Miss Maryland) which tells us she has a strong interview.  Typically, on Night #3, the swimsuit winner is the girl who had the best interview AND looks great in a swimsuit.
Colorado = Although Hannah Porter isn't 6'0, I think she just might pull out the win tonight for the same Night #3 Theory listed above... I expect her to show well.
Missouri = Tippe Emmot is the 4th blond we've listed tonight... and another super-duper-pretty girl.  I'll say it one more time... I believe tonight's Swimsuit Winner will go to the girl who had the best interview.  If they liked you in interview, you will 'shine' that much more in a swimsuit tonight.

We also expect good scores for UT, OK and FL

Kentucky = Jessica Casebolt is lovely - and has a some-what surprising voice coming out of her.  Tough though, because last night's winner was more 'classical' and Jessica is more 'contemporary'.  We shall see.
Connecticut = Emily Audibert is a very strong lyrical dancer with long lines and flexibility... And, while a tapper has won Talent this week, a Lyrical Dancer has not.
Wyoming = Lexie Madden is playing an original composition... and no doubt she'll look beautiful again, because we haven't been disappointed with any of her looks yet!
North Dakota = She should have the most 'technically sound' performance of the night, but I'm not sure if this is the kind of 'sound' Miss America is looking for.  She's very contemporary and in the category of 'hipster-uber-cool'.  While I'm 100% certain that Rosie Savageau will go one to enjoy a wonderful life in music, I'm not sure Miss America/these judges are on that same wavelength.

Good scores for VT and MN are possible.

For those of you not in Vegas this week... There's a saying that always comes to light about this time... "Miss America is a Marathon, not a Sprint".  We've only been here a day and a 1/2 and The Junkies are feeling a little 'Tuckered Out' already!  Lucky for us, our "Meet and Greet" at Starbucks inside Planet Hollywood takes place Friday from 10:30-12:30... We simply can't get enough of Women in Crowns... and Coffee... :)

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  1. What did you think of evening gown last night?