Saturday, January 12, 2013


Here we are AGAIN!  Sometimes I begin to wonder if the "Miss America Magic" will run its course and perhaps my passion will fade from repetition, familiarity or even exhaustion (Miss America is a L O N G week, people)... but the truth is... it doesn't.  Every time we get down to the point of crowing a new girl, the excitement is still there - and the anticipation of who will win the crown tonight is all over the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.  You can't avoid it!

But before I get to the heart of this blog - I also want to give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended our "Junkie Meet and Greet" at Starbucks yesterday morning!  What great fun to meet people who love this organization as much as I we do, LAUGH and compare notes of our finalists!  For those of you who entered our contest, we'll see whose predictions are the closest, and reward you with a "Junkie Prize".  It's always special to share "Miss America" with kindred spirits! :)

NOW!  Let's get back to business!  Here are your winners from Thursday night's preliminary competition!  Miss Washington in Swimsuit and Miss North Dakota in Talent!!! :)

Although I chose Miss North Dakota in our previous blogpost, I also noted that I wasn't sure her 'kind' of Talent would be rewarded at Miss America.  She sang a laid-back, and simple (and I mean that in a good way) version of "To Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan.  When you watched her, you could picture yourself in a late night coffee bar, relaxing with your favorite cup of joe after a long day.  She made you feel at ease - and wasn't anything but herself.  To me, she was the clear winner of the night.

Now - regarding Swimsuit... I'm still kicking myself for missing this one... Mandy Schendel from Washington was flawless!  And - I should've known that a former Miss Teen USA winner would know how to 'bring it' in the Swimsuit competition.  I have no idea what she does to work on her 'core', but it's working, honey!  WOWZERS! :)

So - That makes me 4-6 this year... and 3 for 3 with Talent this year!!!  I congratulated myself with a plate full of carbs last night... (Chicken and Waffles to be specific)... Perhaps that says something about my ability to choose Swimsuit Winners after all (LOL!) :) 

HOWEVER - I FULLY REALIZE that what everyone really wants to see... is my list of Finalists for tonight!  In truth... I'm going to need a few more hours for that one (and much more coffee)... so, stay tuned and I'll post my predictions later this afternoon! :)

OH - and have you heard there's an "American Idol-like" Twist to tonight's finals?  I'm wondering if the TV audience might be able to 'bring back' someone into the Top 15 that didn't make it?  Or perhaps a new celebrity judge will join the panel tonight?  Or perhaps 2 or 3 girls will get to perform their talent - even though they didn't advance from the Swimsuit Round???  Hmmmmmm.... you'll have to watch everything tonight to find out!



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