Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Now THAT'S how to start Miss America Week! :)

We present to you... Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton (Talent) and 
Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers (Swimsuit)

The Junkies correctly predicted both the Talent and the Swimsuit Winners last night - which makes for a great beginning for Miss America 2013 in our book! :)  And for the record - The Junkies don't even arrive into Vegas until today (Wednesday)!  We've always based our predictions on our own research, not on seeing the contestants during rehearsals... Considering we didn't get much sleep last night (if you've never 'watched a pageant' via Twitter - I encourage you to do so!  Up way too late - but So Much Fun!)... not sure if we can pull off another 2 for 2 tonight, but we're going to give it our best shot! :)

So - one more time... here's the contestant lineup for this evening...

Tonight features Sigma in Talent and Mu in Swimsuit... Here's who we've narrowed it down to:

Georgia = Leighton Jordan moved to Houston to be a professional ballerina when she was only 15... Her mom was a professional ballet dancer... which tells us, she's the one to watch tonight.
Virgina = As I said yesterday, Rosemary Willis is moving up on my list quickly... She was a Talent Winner at Miss Virginia and we've heard a few You-Tube Videos of her voice. Small in stature, mighty in vocal strength! :)
Maryland = Joanna Guy is a former MAOTeen from Maryland and was 3rd runner up at MAOT in 2008.  We've also heard You-Tube videos of her... another 'tiny girl' with a strong voice.
North Carolina = The Junkies heard Arlie Honeycutt in person this summer during the 75th anniversary of the Miss North Carolina Pageant.  She won 'overall talent' and is a vocal performance major at Eastern Carolina University.  Don't count her out! :)
Others who should score well tonight in Talent include Arkansas (a'capella tap), New York, (another tapper), Mississippi (piano) and a possible crowd pleaser in DC (artistic roller skating - which we've never seen, but could be fabulous). 

Wyoming = At 5'10 without heels, Lexie Madden is one of the tallest contestants this year.  Plus - we've never seen her without 2 inch platforms to boot!  The Junkies thought Lexie made the biggest impression during the Contestant Arrival Ceremony and we expect her to look good tonight.
New Mexico = Candice Bennatt looks beautiful in every photo we've ever seen of her - and has been an NFL Cheerleader... Body Boot Camp is nothing new to her! :)
Virgin Islands = Aniska Tonge can walk!  Go watch the Fashion Show Video again and see for yourself!  If she brings that walk tonight, you could see her walk away with the hardware. :)
Kentucky = Another Super-Tall Girl, she was stunning at Miss Kentucky and wowed everyone with her Swimsuit presentation.

Others who could do well tonight in Swimsuit include Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Otherwise... the Junkies will land in Vegas today - and will be attending prelims tonight!  And don't forget - if you're in Vegas, you're invited to join us on Friday from 10:30-12:30 at Starbucks inside Planet Hollywood to "Meet The Junkies" :)  We'll be on hand to say hello, reminisce about your favorite Miss America moment, and offer all "smiles", "kisses" and "pageant waves" free of charge :)

Until Tomorrow!  Junkies Unite! :)



  1. What about Miss Idaho..she is just as incredibly talented. We are rooting her on as she has been a representative for Idaho like none other. Her talent is incredible.. She can play the piano like no one else I have seen before. Dont count her out please!!

  2. Definitely don't count out Arkansas. She was 2nd runner up at 2008 MAOT and a prelim Talent winner that year. I'd expect her to do quite well tonight and overall in the pageant.

  3. Don't count out Texas for Talent! Very talented baton twirler!

  4. Texas is a beautiful baton twirler and can charm the socks off people! Wouldn't count her out.