Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Predictions for Preliminary Night #1 (TUESDAY)


Well - here we are again !  It's time for some 'on-stage competition' - which means it's time for some Junkie Predictions!

Because we do have some "New Junkies' in our audience now... and just in case you haven't found yourself spending every waking moment reading through the archives of this blog, here's how it works... :)

The girls are split into 3 groups and each group performs a different category of the competition each night... In case you haven't tattooed the contestant lineup on your body yet, we've posted it once again for your viewing pleasure...

Tonight - Alpha will perform Talent, Sigma will perform Swimsuit/Evening Wear and Mu will answer an On-Stage Interview Question.  Preliminary Awards are given for Talent and Swimsuit - No award is given for the on-stage question or Evening Wear.

The judges score each contestant as they see them perform and here's how each category weighs in the girls' over-all score:
  • Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 15%
  • Evening Wear - 20%
  • Talent - 35%
  • Private Interview - 25%
  • On-Stage Question – 5%
Each day, I'll pick 4 different states that I think will possibly win Prelim Talent and Prelim Swimsuit for their night... Sometimes you get commentary and reasons why, sometimes, I just pick...


HOLY SCHMOLY GUACOMOLE!!!  Tonight is PACKED with amazing Talent and this might be the toughest prediction I've EVER had to make!  We can only pick 4 (and I'm telling you - there are 7 or 8 girls who could win talent tonight)... So here's what we're going with...

Oklahoma = The Junkies saw Alicia Clifton at Miss Oklahoma and were flabbergasted!  One of the best Tap Routines I've ever seen in person... Multiple Talent wins under her belt... Entertaining and Technically Sound. :)
Florida = Both Laura McKeeman and Alicia are working with an amazing choreographer who is acclaimed for her work on and off-Broadway.  She was also a Talent winner at Miss FL - I expect Florida's routine to be strong tonight.
Indiana = The lovely Merribeth Cox has been THE Golden Girl at Purdue for 5 solid years.  There's only 1 Golden Girl and she's it!  I've seen pictures of this girl twirling on top of "The World's Largest Drum"... and she's got an intensity that just won't quit.  Twirling done well is extremely entertaining - When it's good, it scores high because you just don't want it to quit!
Alabama = This girl can SING!  In fact, if we've done our research correctly, Anna Laura Bryan has NEVER lost a Preliminary Talent award!  And it took 4 tries to win Miss Alabama!  WOW!

Again - Talent could go any number of a zillion directions tonight... California, Utah, Arizona are more strong contenders, but I'm sticking with the Top 4 listed.  And in my humble opinion, I think we'll see 3 out of 4 of those talents come Saturday night.

Some fabulous swimsuit bodies are going to cross the stage tonight in Swimsuit... This is another hard one to predict, but I think we've narrowed down our choices.

South Carolina = Ali Rogers is getting lots of photos taken of her because she has a natural sparkle and is super pretty.  Tall Too... A former SCTeen winner...
DC = Allyn Rose is the former Miss Maryland who finished Top 8 at Miss USA 2011.  She's a model, has walked the runway during Fashion Week in NYC and although she might be 'too sexy' for Miss America, we think she's been prepped well enough that she's got a great chance.
Texas = Texas is TINY!  But the judges just saw her in interview today and because she's in Law School at Texas Tech, I'm guessing she was pretty well prepared for the numerous Political/Current Events questions that many girls are saying they received today.  It's possible her interview could impact her Swimsuit score.
Virginia = This girl has bumped up my list quickly... She's looked stunning in the candids I've seen of her... I think she's got the Virginia Team behind her in a big way and she could surprise a lot of people.

Again - Swimsuit could also go to Iowa, North Carolina or Massachusetts in my book... but only the top 4 count as my official predictions.

That's what The Junkies think!  What say you???

Until tomorrow...



  1. Illinois is another great contestant for swimsuit. She is not your average looking physique that you see on Miss America. She has great muscle definition and has a great strong and healthy body! I think that's what America wants as a role model. A defined, strong, healthy physique, not someone who is super tiny.

  2. Can you please explain how the prelims determine top 14?