Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Once again, we’ve made it to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”...  That’s right – The way rednecks feel about Nascar, the way hippies feel about 4/20, the way the Kardashian’s feel about the media spotlight, that’s the way JUNKIES feel about Miss America Week!  It’s Finally Here!!!! :)

And here's the good news...
You thought your love of, and dare I say near-obsession with, all things Miss America was just an unusual quirk... Perhaps even a genetic mutation... But now, between our Twitter Feed and our Facebook Page, you’ve just discovered 2000 other people who feel the exact same way!  Congratulations - You are not alone!

Here's the bad news...
If there’s anything important you’re supposed to do over the next 12 days, you might as well throw in the towel right now.  Tell your boss or your teachers or your mother-in-law that you're sorry, because nobody can deny the fact that your attention has shifted.  There’s only one thing on your mind for the next 12 days... And that’s the question of “Who will be Miss America 2013?”

For those of you who haven’t experienced a Miss America week through the eyes of Miss America Junkies – let me give you a little background...

Miss America Junkies began 8 years ago as daily emails that I sent to about a dozen of my friends and family who knew of my obsession, and would essentially humor me as I kept everyone up-to-speed on the latest happenings at Miss America.  Before I knew it, people were forwarding those emails to their friends and asking me to add new names to the distribution list.  That’s when I officially named the distribution list “Miss America Junkies” and the name stuck.  If you go through the archives of this blog, you’ll find those original emails that date back to 2008 (afraid everything written prior to ‘08 has been lost in email cyber-space and only Al Gore knows how to find them).  So – feel free to enjoy the archives of this blog if you wish... Just remember, these were originally emails, not blog posts.

A couple of years ago the Facebook page and Twitter feed were both added – and a National movement was born!

So – for those of you who are new this year... Here’s how it works!  The Junkies are headed to Vegas to watch Miss America 2013 and will do our best to keep you updated along the way.  Just to make it fun, we list our predictions for each preliminary winner as well as who we think will make the semi-finals, Top 5, and winner (and for the record, we went 4/5 in the Top 5 last year!) :)  Would love to have as many of you contribute to the blog with your own predictions as well for 2013!

SO HERE WE GO!!!  Contestants are off to Vegas as we speak – with the official ‘arrival ceremony' as Thursday, January 3rd.  We’ll have lots of different blog posts between now and the final night – but in the meantime, make sure you’re connected to both our Facebook page (Miss America Junkies) and Twitter feed (MAJunkies on Twitter) that way you don’t miss a minute (btw –we’ve been featuring Christmas Carol lyrics with a Miss America twist on our Twitter Feed... Silly and yet, lots of fun!) :)

Don’t forget to forward this info to any other “Closet Junkies” in your life as well!  Wouldn’t want anyone to miss a minute! :)



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