Wednesday, April 24, 2013


And we begin with the lovely ladies from Miss New Hampshire!

Megan Lyman, Miss New Hampshire 2012 (center, in the fabulous white dress) has an amazing story... While still a pre-teen, Megan was diagnosed with muscular cancer and was introduced to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Megan 'wished' to have a dance studio created in the attic of her home and when that wish was granted, Megan's parents said they began to see a change in her as she looked forward to dancing each day.

Fast forward many years... Megan recovers from cancer, becomes Miss NH's OT in 2008 and Miss NH 2012 - and her platform is of course, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  What a wonderful way to give back to an organization which gave her hope when she needed it most!
Now!  Of the 27 girls competing for the title of Miss NH 2013 - Here's our picks!

Kendall Wipff - Miss Mass OT in 2010, SF at Miss NH 2012
Julia Neveu - Miss NH OT in 2007, 3rd Runner up in 2012
Sara Mousseau - 2nd Runner up in 2012, Top 10 in 2010
Lauren April - Miss OT 2010, 3rd runner up to Miss NH in 2011, SF in 2012
Kelsy Ferdinando - Miss NH National Teenager 2010 and her talent is 'speed painting' :)

If you'd like to watch the first state pageant of the year - YOU CAN!  Right here... 

Click this link above for Thursday and Friday night preliminaries... $10 per night.
To watch the finals on Saturday night:
No charge for Saturday night!

And with that - may the State Pageant Season Begin!

Good Luck to All! :)




Samantha Russo, a graduate of Emerson College, won the preliminary talent competition singing "Don't Rain on My Parade."  She also won the preliminary swimsuit competition earlier in the week as well.  This was her first year at Miss New Hampshire.

First Runner Up = Kendall Wipff
Second Runner Up = Sarah Mousseau
Third Runner Up = Jessica Avelar
Fourth Runner Up = Julia Neveu

Congrats to Samantha!  Best of Luck in Atlantic City!!! :)


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