Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Fellow Junkies:

Is it actually possible that the Junkie Blog can be fired up once again as we attempt to provide uncommon insight and extraordinary wisdom to the state pageant season?  Is it me, or didn't we just do this?  Anyone... Anyone... Buhler???

Truthfully, I can't hardly believe it's time for another state pageant season... and considering we attempted to review all 53 states last year (50 plus DC, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico --- check it out in the 2012 archives on the right), we're going to take a stab at it again this summer.  It's no easy feat... for a couple of reasons...

1.  Have you SEEN the State Pageant Calendar this summer???  O.M.G.  Take a peek... You can even click on the photo if you need to see it closer...

2.  Based on this list above and the INSANE amount of pageant-ing that's about to take place in a matter of weeks, if the Junkies had any brains whatsoever, we'd be researching the first 20 state pageants RIGHT NOW in order to get ahead and help make our lives easier.  However, one of our favorite sites for research is no longer accessible (TurnForTheJudges.com... May Penny Geiszler rest in peace...) which means our uncommon insight and extraordinary wisdom is actually going to have to come from... us.  And by 'us'... I mean, me.  

So - I confess... this isn't going to be easy... But I'm up for the challenge.  Not because I need a hobby... or have nothing to do but watch Sex and the City re-runs each night... But because being a Miss America Junkie is at my core.  And interacting with people who feel the same way about the Miss America Organization is like discovering a new planet full of people... whose mascara never runs when they cry... while they graciously and humbly accept a new crown every night... and walk around in super-fabulous high heels which leave no lasting pain on their feet whatsoever!!!    

So - here we go!  Miss New Hampshire is up first!  And we can't wait!!!




  1. There is no better commentary than one from you! We appreciate your efforts! I will be sure to give you a commentary of the Miss Alabama and Miss PA pageants, as I will be attending their final nights.

  2. Whooooooooo Hooooooooo!!! Thank You!!! Can't wait for all the FUN to begin!!! :)